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Basically, lots of links to computery quizbowly stuff. Feel free to edit or help out in any way.

Question/packet databases

Search engines

Home page
Jun 05, 2008 ACFDB - a new tossup database
Home page
Sep 21, 2008 Some new question database
Feb 25, 2009 Gyaankosh?
Home page
May 18, 2006 Quizbowl tournament database, alpha version
Jan 13, 2008 return (sorta) of the question database
May 03, 2008 QBDB thread
Quizbowl Central (superseded Torrey Pines Quizbowl Database)
Home page
GitHub page
Torrey Pines Quizbowl Database home page
April 18, 2011 Torrey Pines Quizbowl Database
Jan 23, 2012 Quizbowl Central

Comparison of search engines

Name Creator Released Updated Questions Tournaments Tagging? Rating? Types of questions Technology
ACFDB (visit) Carlo Angiuli June 2008 24 March 2011 14455 [1] Yes No ACF Question Archive only PHP and MySQL
Gyaankosh (visit) Arnav Moudgil September 2008 Late 2010 50898 [2] 99 [3] Yes No Both collegiate and high school Django (Python and MySQL)
QBDB (visit) Jerry Vinokurov May 2006 Early 2010 37 Yes Yes Collegiate only PHP and MySQL
QBcentral (visit) Sharad Vikram April 2011 January 2012 30694 101 Yes Yes* Collegiate, high/middle school GWT (Java, JavaScript)


HS QB Packet Archive
Home page
Collegiate Packet Archive
Home page
Stanford Packet Archive
Home page
ACF Question Archive
Home page
Home page
Dec 19, 2009 Wastebin - A Trash Packet Archive


Stats programs

Home page – "for tracking and reporting statistics for virtually any quiz bowl tournament"
Google Code page – "online stats program for running quizbowl tournaments"
Oct 09, 2008 New web-based quizbowl stats software project
Sep 13, 2009 Round Report on Stats
Home page – discontinued; archived version – "record and share the statistics for your quiz bowl tournament"
Dec 17, 2006 Taft: Ruby on Rails-powered web-based tournament software
Jun 15, 2007 Taft: Launching soon
Aug 22, 2007 Taft launching soon...
Feb 11, 2009 Taft now supports playoff brackets
Feb 28, 2010 Shutting down Taft
Home page – "integrate an entire quizbowl tournament into one seamless electronic experience"
Jan 03, 2009 Announcing BEeS: A Better Electronic Stats program
Mar 21, 2010 BEeS, Part 2
Home page – "online application for real-time quizbowl scorekeeping and stats"
Nov 12, 2011 WUStL Updates Statistics Live!: real-time Web scorekeeping


Chris Carter's stats iPhone app
Home page
NAQT Scoresheet for Android
GitHub page
Android Market page
Aug 03, 2011 Theres an app for that.
Excel score sheets
Excel Scoresheets on Hunter
Nov 09, 2008 Excel quiz bowl scoresheets
Oct 10, 2011 Virtual Scoresheets?


Home page
Home page – "designed to create a more versatile statistics report from SQBS files"
Home page
I needed a database project
Quiz Bowl Tournament Posting System (QBTPS)
Tournament Director
Home page
SourceForge page
GitHub page
SourceForge page
Tournament Central
Home page

Comparison of stats programs

Name Creator Released Updated Version Price Output formats Documentation Platforms Technology License
SQBS (visit) Chris Sewell 2001 February 2010 4.0 Free SQBS, HTML [4] [5] [6] Windows only
QBSQL (visit) Avram Lyon October 2008 February 2010 0.7.1 Free SQBS, HTML [7] All; web server required PHP and MySQL GNU GPLv2
Taft (visit) Evan Silberman January 2007 February 2010 Discontinued $25 per event SQBS, HTML All Ruby on Rails
BEeS (visit) Sean Skaar, Andrew Hart Not yet TBA
  • Statistics formats: SQBS; HTML, XML, Excel, etc.


NAQT Statistics Database
Home page – "collects results and statistics from past tournaments that used NAQT questions; tracks record-setting performances and provides some quantitative rankings for every team in the nation"
Aug 21, 2008 NAQT Statistics Database
Byko's Quiz Bowl Quotients
Home page – "A rating system for high school quiz bowl"
Excelsior Rankings
Home page
Jul 11, 2011 Excelsior Rankings
Harry White's Tournament stats database
Home page

Packet formats and parsing

Home page – "ItALX is designed to allow easy LaTeX typesetting for quiz bowl competition packets"
Oct 10, 2006 SURVEY & RESULTS: NAQT JIAT 2006 (10/7/06) @ TJHSST (NoV
QB Toolbox
Jul 09, 2007 QBML: wouldn't it be nice?
Aug 18, 2007 Packet archive project...what you can do to help
May 16, 2008 LaTeX and packets
Alejandro's Packet Parser
Dec 26, 2010 Packet Parser
Mike Bentley's QEMS Question Formatter
Aug 27, 2011 QEMS Question Formatter

  • Packet file formats: Word, ODF, RTF, PDF, HTML, QBML (unstandardized; many variations exist), plain text, lightweight markup languages (many variations exist), QBBot, LaTeX, QEMS (for HSAPQ)
  • Packet formatting rules: ACF, NAQT, mACF, PACE, etc.


Tournament writing

Jerome (ca. 2004)
Home page
Technophobia 9
Aug 09, 2005 Jerome information
May 16, 2008 LaTeX and packets
QED (Question Editing Database)
Home page
Jul 4, 2006 Question Editing Database 1.00
Tournament Question Database
Question Mixer
Oct 25, 2008 Question Mixer Program

Tournament management

See Taft, BEeS above

Tournament databases

2005 tournament database
Aug 22, 2005 Tournament database feedback
Quizbowl Resource Database
Quizbowl Resource Database, formerly HSQB Tournament Database from 2008–2011
Aug 29, 2008 New tournament database for all quizbowl events
Aug 29, 2008 TDB help thread


IRC and stuff

Home page
Google Code page
Index of TriviaBot-formatted question sets
Jul 18, 2009 Portable version of TrivaBot/quizbowl-reading bot
Jul 14, 2006 Scholastic Bowl bot
Google Code page
Nov 10, 2009 Quizzy, an Excuse for you to Try Out Google Wave
Quiz Bowl Tester
Home page
Feb 10, 2011 Money for practicing quiz bowl online
QB Reader
Google Code page
May 31, 2011 QB Reader 2.2 (now with speed adjustment)
Quizbowl Central (see above)


Audio Match Hosting Software
Aug 12, 2005 Request For Comments: Audio Match Hosting Software
"Evan Silberman's technological wankery"

Study guides

Organizations with ultra-creative acronyms