ACF Regionals Canada

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Canadian ACF Regionals is the annual mirror of ACF Regionals in Canada. It has been held in Ontario since at least 2013. Along with Canadian SCT, Canadian ACF Regionals is the de facto Canadian national championship for college quizbowl teams.

Historical Results

Year Champion Runner-Up Teams Host Site
2013 Ottawa (Beeby, Palmer) McMaster 4 Toronto
2014 Waterloo (Chou, Christensen, Liu, Rajasekaran) Ottawa 8 Toronto
2015 Ottawa (Beeby, Johnston, Palmer, Robert) McGill 10 McMaster
2016 McGill (Baker, Drake, So, Su) Ottawa 13 Carleton University
2017 Toronto (Liao, Misuk, Otsason, Rajasekaran) McGill 8 Queen's
2018 McGill (Garg, Lovsted, So, Su) Carleton University 9 Toronto
2019 McGill (Garg, Lovsted, So, Su) Toronto 11 Toronto
2020 Toronto (Hamilton, Liu, Otsason, Sims) Toronto C 11 Toronto