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Aegis Questions
President or CEO Carlo Angiuli, Nick Matchen, Matt Laird
Location: Bloomington, IN
Status Closed

Aegis Questions, Inc. was a question writing company based in Illinois. They operated from late 2005 until the end of the 2008-2009 academic year and were a not-for-profit corporation with the stated intent of improving the quality of quizbowl in Illinois.


The company unofficially began at the 2005 New Trier Varsity tournament, house-written by Carlo Angiuli and Nick Matchen. At the lunch break of the tournament, Carlo, Nick, and Matt Laird pitched the idea of a official company to senior players Brad Fischer, Matt McKenna, and Colleen Powers.


The first season of tournaments for Aegis included the IHSSBCA Kickoff tournament, the Davey and Goliath Throwdown (Loyola's frosh/soph tournament), and New Trier Varsity, along with questions for conference play.


In 2007, Aegis earned the contract for the Masonic State tournament and removed Davey and Goliath from its schedule. The company also hired a number of new writers.


2008 saw the company continuing to be the official question writer for the IHSSBCA Kickoff tournaments and an extension of their contract with the Masons for 2009's tournament. The 2008 Kickoffs were the first non-NAQT tournament in the state to use three-part part-by-part bonuses. The New Trier Varsity tournament was removed from Aegis's calendar.


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