Ned Tagtmeier

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Ned Tagtmeier
Noted subjects Literature, RMPSS, Generalism
Current college Chicago (2021- )
High school St. Mark's School of Texas (2017-2021)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Ned Tagtmeier is a second-year and club officer at The University of Chicago, where he became a member of the A team in his first year and performed ably in Division I of 2022 ICT and the top bracket of 2022 ACF Nationals. He is primarily a literature and RMPSS player, but also regularly buzzed in some pockets of science (until Adam Fine rendered that skill irrelevant, though he sometimes has to answer easy parts that Adam isn't pulling).

In high school, Ned Tagtmeier played for St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas, Texas. As a senior, Ned led St. Mark's to win the online [1] regional mirror of IKEA, beating a strong WUSTL A team twice in the process. Ned had a strong performance at the 2021 IPNCT, coming in third place. He continued his successful nationals season at the 2021 SSNCT. At SSNCT, Ned and his teammate Aayush Goodapaty broke the Hoppes-Mikanowski limit over 15 games en route to winning the Open Division. Ned then led St. Mark's to a third-place finish at the 2021 NSC.

Ned has contributed as a writer to many high school-focused sets, including Saturnalia, and has subject-edited for ACF Fall.