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WikiProject Missing articles

Project Page—The goal of this project is to ensure that QBWiki has an article for every entry in several major categories. The percentages listed are the percent complete.
Teams: 64.6%
Players: 18.7%
Writers: 0.43%
Sets: 14.3%
Tournaments: 11.95%
Overall progress:

18.5% completed (estimate)


This project is meant to organize the completion of articles which are missing from the QBWiki.

Project goals


ID: 2


Create 10 missing articles

Reward: $5.50
Available: 10 out of 10
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ID: 1


Create 5 wanted articles

Reward: $6
Available: 8 out of 10
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The main goal of this project is to ensure that the QBWiki has a corresponding article for every team, set, or tournament which a user could conceivably want to look up. This is mainly meant to cover holes in the breadth of this resource and as such does not address pages on "deep" topics (e.g. theory, specific incidents, etc.), which should be worked on alongside this project. Particularly relevant here are wanted pages, which already have incoming links.

Standards of notability vary from category to category. The initial scope is that any entity associated with a national tournament should be represented - ideally this can be expanded so that any entity associated with any tournament is represented (i.e. every tournament, every set, every player of the game), but there likely aren't the resources to do that.

Progress and status

This is an ongoing project with over 1 member contributing to the subprojects. A detailed overview of the progress is available.


Your aim is to remove red-link entries from the lists by making a new article. Redirects are typically not sufficient unless a page for the content already exists under a different name; for example, creating a redirect for 2011 NASAT to the main NASAT page is not sufficient to consider it complete.

Please refer to the QBWiki:Style Guide for information on the general format of newly created pages.







Completed goals

None as of yet.