Trevor Davis

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Trevor Davis
Noted Subjects:
Philosophy, Ancient History, Mythology, General
Current Collegiate Team Alberta (2012-Present)
Past Collegiate Teams Carnegie Mellon (2008-2012)
High School Team Eden Prairie (2005-2007)
Middle School Team None

Trevor Davis is a quiz bowl player in grad school at Alberta. He formerly played for and led the team at Carnegie Mellon.

Writing/Editing Experience

Trevor is a writer for HSAPQ

  • 2008 EPIC (movies editor, overall editing; with a bunch of people)
  • 2008 ACF Fall (American and European History, Physics, and Social Science; with Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Ted Gioia, and Gautam Kandlikar)
  • 2012 ACF Regionals (Head Editor)

Ultimately Inconsequential Scoring Achievements

ICT DI Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Chris Ray
Rob Carson