2004 NSC

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Champion Maggie Walker
Runner-up Thomas Jefferson
Third Richard Montgomery and St. John's School
High scorer Unknown
Editor/s PACE
Site Maryland
Field 40

The 2004 National Scholastic Championship was won by Maggie Walker. The tournament was held at the University of Maryland.

Tournament results

Maggie Walker came back from a 150-point deficit with 6 stretch round questions remaining to defeat Thomas Jefferson 395-345 in the finals. Richard Montgomery and St. John's were defeated in the semifinals, by Maggie Walker and Thomas Jefferson respectively.

Individual results

Individual stats are unavailable. The tournament all-stars were:

Player Team
Andrew Brantley St. John's
Sarah Flamini Villa Maria Academy
Wren Elhai Maggie Walker A
Adam Hersha James Blake
Sarah Hickman Fisher Catholic
Chris Higgins Richard Montgomery B
Michael Kettler Gonzaga
Joel Knight DCC
Sam Lederer TJHSST A
Sarah Hickman Fisher Catholic
John Lesieutre State College A
Kannan Mahadevan Eleanor Roosevelt
Tobin Marcus Richard Montgomery A
Noah Rahman Solon
Daniel Rowland Eleanor Roosevelt
Seth Samelson Richard Montgomery A
Tim Svenson Detroit Country Day
Steve Young TJHSST A

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