1998 NSC

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Champion State College
Runner-up Henry Ford II
Third Copley and Gonzaga
High scorer Unknown
Editor/s PACE
Site Case Western
Field 28

The 1998 National Scholastic Championship was won by State College, consisting of Jacob Mikanowski, Mike Chiswick-Patterson, Aaron Lichtig, and Cathy Vrentas. The tournament was held at Case Western Reserve University.

Tournament results

State College defeated Henry Ford II in the final, 460-195. State College and Henry Ford II defeated Gonzaga and Copley in the semifinals, respectively.

Individual results

Individual stats are unavailable. The tournament all-stars were Brandon Eilertson of Copley, Vinita Kailasnath of Eleanor Roosevelt, Mike Chiswick-Patterson of State College, Jason Fanselau of Edmond Santa Fe(OK), Chris Galeczka of Henry Ford II, Justin Sausville of Gonzaga, Martin Sheehan of Aiken, and Katie Taylor of Dorman.

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