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The A team usually consisted of Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee, Dennis Jang, and Aaron Rosenberg. The team is probably best known for playing a thrilling final at 2008 ACF Nationals against Chicago A, losing by only 5 points in the first game of a disadvantaged final.


The team returned its three starters, with the valuable addition of Aaron Rosenberg's additional music/science/jew/random knowledge and laudable work ethic. Dennis and Eric also continued to improve via various writing and editing projects.

Team Accomplishments

During the 2007-2008 season, Brown was widely believed to be in an absolute statistical deadlock with both Maryland and Chicago for the top spot on ACF-type questions. While defeating Maryland at Deep Bench Quads, they would proceed to lose to them at PARFAIT, 2008 Cardinal Classic, and the 2008 ICT, only to beat them in the playoffs of 2008 nationals. They also enjoyed some early success against Chicago, defeating them head-to-head at 2008 Cardinal Classic, the only time those teams would meet before ICT and ACF Nationals.

Their performance at ICT was no doubt hurt by an early loss to UCI in the prelims, followed by 10 and 20-point losses to Chicago and Illinois, respectively. They were also cursed by the airline industry, as Mukherjee's flight was canceled on the Friday of the tournament, making him miss the first 5 rounds. Despite these losses, the team finished 4th, which was better than they were expecting given their woeful lack of trash and geography knowledge.

ACF Nationals went much better for them, with all players putting up decent points. However, their hopes of a national title were dashed during the final bonus in the first game of a disadvantaged final against Chicago A; none of the team members were familiar with rotons or Pomeranchuk cooling.