2010 Chicago Open

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2010 Chicago Open
Edited by Jerry Vinokurov with Shantanu Jha, Guy Tabachnick, and Andy Watkins
Champion The Solid Scholars
Runner-up The Gorilla Wrestles With The Superman
Third This Civilising Love of Death
Fourth This Octopus Exploits Women
High scorer Jonathan Magin, The Solid Scholars
Site Chicago
Field 15
Stats Stats

The 2010 Chicago Open was won by The Gorilla Wrestles with the Superman (Matt Weiner, Kevin Koai, Dallas Simons, and Rich Mason) who came from behind to defeat The Solid Scholars (Jonathan Magin, Selene Koo, Seth Teitler, and Bruce Arthur) on the tiebreaker of the second finals packet.

This was the last of the four consecutive Chicago Opens that Matt Weiner won with no repeat teammates. Due to a series of travel mishaps, the car containing two of Weiner's teammates (Kevin and Rich) arrived an hour and forty-five minutes late, thus missing the first round. Weiner successfully convinced his first-round opponents to postpone their match until the lunch break, rather than making Weiner and Dallas play as a duo.

The tournament was head-edited by Jerry Vinokurov, with Shantanu Jha, Guy Tabachnick, and Andy Watkins serving as the other editors. The packets still included some notes from the editors, including this one from Watkins, appended to a tossup on the kinetic isotope effect: "Que is the most important inorganic chemist in the country by far for anyone who works with non-heme oxo, so this is basically the One True Clue."

Despite the fact that the final question of the main event was answered at 11:59 PM, an attempt was made to play a fifteen-round literature tournament after a dinner break. It was aborted after six rounds, at which point it was past 2:30 AM.

The Sunday events were the Paul Goodman Memorial Open (the last CO trash tournament helmed by Andrew Yaphe) and the Jean-Baptiste Lully Memorial (a fine arts tournament).