2014 HSNCT

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Champion LASA A
Runner-up St. John's
Third LASA B
Fourth Ladue
High scorer Sam Blizzard, Northmont
Editor/s NAQT
Site Chicago, IL
Field 272
Stats [1]

The 2014 NAQT HSNCT was held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare on May 31-June 1, 2014, returning to the Chicago metropolitan area after three years in Atlanta. Presided over by Logistics Director Nathan Murphy, it was once again, at 272 teams, the largest quizbowl tournament ever held at a single site.

After a schedule of 10 power-matched preliminary games and several rounds of double elimination, St. John's emerged as the only undefeated team going into lunch on Sunday, having won out of the winner's bracket to secure a spot in the finals. Nonetheless, further gameplay secured LASA A and LASA B the second and third spots in a three-team, two-game finals series, in which LASA A emerged victorious, defeating their B-team first and then triumphing over St. John's, 410-305.

At 3rd place, LASA B secured its spot as the highest-ranking B-team in HSNCT history, and the first B-team since 2008 Dorman B to make the Final Four of HSNCT. No other school in HSNCT history has had two teams in the top four in the same year (though 2004 Thomas Jefferson had two teams in the top four of the 2004 NSC).

The top individual scorer was Sam Blizzard of Northmont High School, followed by Eric Xu of Western Albemarle.