Andy's Non-Guerrilla Summer Tournament

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Andy's Non-Guerilla Summer Tournament
Competition season 2009-2010
Head editor(s) Kurtis Droge, Sinan Ulusoy, Hannah Kirsch, and Mike Bentley
Difficulty "slightly above that of ACF Fall"
First mirror July 10, 2010
Announcement link
Packets link

ANGST (Andy's Non-Guerilla Summer Tournament) was a packet-sub tournament which was originally slated to be edited by Andy Saunders for the spring of 2010. However, the set was ultimately edited by a team of Kurtis Droge, Sinan Ulusoy, Hannah Kirsch, and Mike Bentley, with assistance from Matt Bollinger, Trygve Meade, Andy Watkins, and Daniel Pareja.


ANGST was announced on January 22, 2010[1] and the University of Guelph main site a week or so after. Immediately there began to be difficulties contacting Andy: even as teams were still forming, information about the tournament's open eligibility and even its date (July 10) had to be relayed to the forums through intermediaries. His post declaring Guelph the main site would end up being his last post on the thread and information like the tournament's cost, payment structure, progress, and whether or not it would actually exist remained up in the air.

A month before the main site, serious doubts that tournament would even happen were voiced.[2] Nolan Winkler was able to extract additional information about the tournament's logistics from Andy via Facebook Messenger,[3] but otherwise there was radio silence. By mid-June, it became clear that ANGST would have to be hijacked or simply become a guerilla tournament if it were to happen at all. On June 23, Kurtis Droge volunteered to take over the tournament, in part to help Ben Smith play his final tournament.[4] The remainder of the editing team joined in the next day or so.


Site Date Champion Runner-up Top scorer Field size Notes
Main site (Guelph) 7/10/2010 "Team Awesome"
(Gautam Kandlikar, Huma Zafar, Aaron (Dos Remedios?), Will Nediger)
11 broken link to stats
ECSO 2 @ Hunter College 7/10/2010 "Where in the World is Doug Yetman"
(Eric Mukherjee, Doug Yetman, Chris White, James Lasker)
"Magyars Strike Back"
(Aaron Cohen, Bruce Arthur, John Lawrence, Sam Spaulding)
Eric Mukherjee 9 stats
Mirrored BELFAST[6]
Richmond 7/15/2010 "Zaira"
(Evan Adams and George Berry)
"Adelson e Salvini"
(Matt Weiner and Cody Voight)
Matt Weiner 5 stats
Somewhere 7/31/2010 "Team Ike"
(Ike Jose, Greg Bossick, Brian Bishop)
"Team Jasper"
(Jasper Lee, Nishanth Uli, Michael Garn)
Ike Jose 7 stats

Charles Hang attempted to mirror the set for the St. Charles Open, but decided to host a college tournament on a high school set instead when his field ended up weaker than he anticipated.[7]


The set was seemingly received fairly well - discussion was very limited, with a science discussion only receiving four total posts[8] and another discussion thread focusing on "Weaker Questions" running less than a page.[9]

Andy Saunders issued a public apology for failing to both failing to organize the editing of the tournament and for being quiet about it until a month before it was scheduled to run.[10] It was revealed that, after Kurtis Droge stepped up to edit in his stead, Andy had spent the day of the Guelph mirror playing lawn bowling.[11][12] This more or less marked the end of Andy's involvement with quiz bowl; his apologies would be his penultimate posts on the forums.

This scandal was yet another blow to the reputation of the Canadian quiz bowl circuit. As Ben Smith would relate some years later, at the time of ANGST the entire country of Canada had failed to produce a single academic tournament since the 1999 Mackenzie Bowl - ANGST would have been the first in over a decade had it not fallen through.[13] This fiasco also came a year after the public backlash to the Jerry Vinokurov-edited 2009 VETO, which attempted to forcefully introduce good quiz bowl practices to the Canadian old guard.


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