Cardinal Classic XVII

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2008 Cardinal Classic
Date February 2, 2008
Time TBA
Location TBA
Editor Brian Lindquist, Kevin Koai, Kristiaan De Greve, Arnav Moudgil
Format mACF
First Discount Deadline 12/21/07
Second Discount Deadline 12/28/07
No Packet Penalty Deadline 1/4/08
First Penalty Deadline 1/11/08
Second Penalty Deadline 1/18/08

Cardinal Classic XVII: The Stanford Quizzin' Experiment took place on February 2, 2008, at Stanford University. Its head editor was Brian Lindquist, assisted by Kevin Koai, Kristiaan De Greve, and Arnav Moudgil. The official announcement for this tournament can be found here.

The so-called "barge photo" of Chris Ray was taken at this tournament.


Maryland (Mike Bentley, Jonathan Magin, Charles Meigs, Chris Ray) won the tournament with an 11-1 record. Three teams finished 10-2: Daniel Orifice Fitting Company (Peter Austin, Juliana Froggatt, Selene Koo, Seth Teitler); Team Yaphe (Billy Beyer, Jeff Hoppes, Andrew Yaphe); and Brown (Andrew Hart, Dennis Jang, Eric Mukherjee, Jerry Vinokurov). The leading scorers were Andrew Yaphe, Mike Sorice, Jerry Vinokurov, and Seth Teitler. Full results are here.


The tournament was mirrored at MIT as Beaver Bonspiel on the same day.