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The Experiment was a very difficult tossups-only tournament that Ryan Westbrook wrote two times. It may have been the first event to make use of superpowers and was among the earliest vanity events to occupy the post-CO difficulty level.


The Experiment: Return to Lord Weary's Castle was run alongside the fall 2007 Illinois Open. The tournament was won by a team of Matt Weiner and Gautam Kandlikar, who went 7-3. Jonathan Magin out-superpowered the rest of the field with 11, equal to the 2nd place Jerry Vinokurov and 3rd place Eric Mukherjee combined.

Stats are found in the announcement.


The Experiment II (tentatively subtitled "Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej Devours Your Children") was run with the spring 2009 edition of FICHTE. While primarily written by Westbrook, it also had contributions by Ray Luo, Bryce Durgin, Evan Silberman, and Dan Passner. This Experiment had 30 tossups that alternated between two formats: half had the same format as the previous iteration's, and the other half short tossups similar to those in Andrew Hart's Impossible Speedcheck.

Stats are found here.