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The Terrapin Invitational Tournament, sometimes formerly referred to as TIT, is an academic quizbowl tournament held at Maryland. It was first held in 1987, when Emory defeated Georgia Tech in the final.

Before 2019 Terrapin in Spring 2019, Terrapins were traditionally numbered with Roman numerals. However, the writers of the January 2008 tournament inadvertently skipped the number XXI, calling their tournament Terrapin XXII. To compensate, the November 2009 collaboration with Illinois was occasionally referred to as Terrapin XXI.

Year by year

2005 (XIX)

The 2006 tournament was edited by Dan Greenstein, and directed by Brittany Clark and Ali Daniels. It was won by Chicago A. A bonus answer in the Masters packet from this tournament incorrectly gave the philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine's name as "William Van Orman Quince," and repeatedly referred to "Quince" throughout the rest of the bonus. This mistake was referenced in the answer space of a tossup from the 2009 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament.

2007 (XX)

The 2007 tournament was edited by Jonathan Magin. Matt Weiner praised the tournament despite chiding teams that felt it was a "packet submission optional" tournament.

2008 (XXII)

The 2008 tournament was edited by Jonathan Magin, Mike Bentley, Ray Luo, Eric Mukherjee, Matt Weiner and a few other contributers. It was directed by Mike Bentley and was a mirror of MLK. Brown went undefeated to win the Maryland tournament. It was also mirrored by Georgia, UCLA and Missouri S&T.

Winter 2009 (XXIII)

This tournament was edited mainly by Chris Ray and hosted in January 2009.

Fall 2009 (XXI)

This tournament was edited by Chris Ray, Mike Sorice and others as a combination with Illinois Open at "Regionals-plus" difficulty. It was generally well-received, though 10-line tossups and 3-line bonus parts were routine throughout the set.

Winter 2011 (XXIV)

The January 2011 iteration of TIT was edited by SteveJon Guth with help from the rest of the Maryland team. Mirrors were held at Toronto, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Yale, and Michigan.

Fall 2011 (cancelled)

The Fall 2011 iteration was planned but never happened. It was originally to be held on December 3rd, however this proved to be a bad date. Therefore, no packets were submitted. Plans to turn the tournament into a spring or summer event quickly fell through.

2013 (XXV)

After a year's hiatus, a spring 2013 iteration was planned, to be edited by Arun Chonai, Chris Manners, and Brian McPeak. After many logistics, scheduling, and packet-submission snafus (documented here), a tournament materialized around submitted packets edited by Ike Jose, with help from Brian and Isaac Hirsch. A 6-team main site occurred, which UVA-sans-Bollinger won over Penn; relatively open mirrors were held at WashU, Michigan State, and Skype (Mike Bentley directing).


Between 2014 and 2016, Terrapin was replaced by collaborations between Maryland and other schools, such as 2014's SUBMIT (with Berkeley), 2015's STIMPY (with Yale), and 2016's MYSTERIUM (also with Yale).

2016 (XXIX)

The 2016 iteration of Terrapin, head-edited by Jordan Brownstein, was widely praised as one of the best regular difficulty tournaments to date.

2019 (XXX)

Terrapin returned in 2019, for a slightly easier (EFT-difficulty) tournament head-edited by Weijia Cheng.

Table of results

Terrapin Date Champion Runner-up Editor(s) Field size Notes
Terrapin I Fall 1987 Emory Georgia Tech
Terrapin II Fall 1988
Terrapin III Fall 1989 College Bowl's attempt to threaten Maryland into canceling this tournament led directly to the formation of ACF.
Terrapin IV Fall 1990
Terrapin V Fall 1991
Terrapin VI Fall 1992
Terrapin VII November 12-13, 1993 Georgia Tech A
Terrapin VIII November 11-12, 1994 Georgia Tech A South Carolina Vishnu Jejjala, Jesse Molesworth 18 Stats
Terrapin IX November 3-4, 1995 Harvard Georgia Tech A Matt Colvin, Arthur Fleming 19 Stats
Terrapin X November 1, 1996 Virginia A Illinois 13 Stats
Terrapin XI October 31-November 1, 1997 Virginia A Chicago A 13 Stats
Terrapin XII October 30-31, 1998 Chicago A South Carolina 18 Stats
Terrapin XIII November 5-6, 1999 Maryland A Chicago John Nam, Jessie Stevens 14 Stats
Terrapin XIV October 28, 2000 Michigan A (Division I), Rutgers (Division II) Virginia A (Division I), Swarthmore B (Division II) Shaun Hayeslip 23 Stats
Terrapin XV October 27, 2001 Princeton Swarthmore 9 Stats
Terrapin XVI October 26, 2002 Michigan Rutgers Adam Fine 12 Stats
Terrapin XVII October 25, 2003 Chicago Rochester 11 Stats
Terrapin XVIII October 23, 2004 VCU Princeton Casey Retterer, Dan Goff, et al. 11 Brief results blurb
Terrapin XIX October 23, 2005 Chicago A Michigan Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Dan Greenstein 13 Stats
Terrapin XX January 27, 2007 VCU Virginia A Jonathan Magin, Mike Bentley, Casey Retterer, Chris Ray, et al. 9 Stats
Terrapin XXII January 19, 2008 Brown Princeton Jonathan Magin, Mike Bentley, Ray Luo, Eric Mukherjee, Matt Weiner, Jeremy Eaton, Greg Peterson, et al. 9 Stats

Mirrored at Michigan as the MLK, and also at Missouri S&T, UCLA, and Georgia.

Terrapin XXIII January 31, 2009 Brown VCU Chris Ray, Jeremy Eaton, Jeff Amoros 16 Stats

Mirrored at Northwestern and Mississippi State.

TIT/IO ("Terrapin XXI") November 14, 2009 Carnegie Mellon Penn Chris Ray and Mike Sorice 14 Stats
Terrapin XXIV January 22, 2011 State College Virginia SteveJon Guth with help from Chris Ray et al. 11 Stats
Terrapin XXV March 24, 2013 Virginia Penn Ike Jose with help from Brian McPeak, Isaac Hirsch et al. 6 Stats

Mirrored at Michigan State and WUSTL.

Terrapin XXIX November 19, 2016 Penn Duke Jordan Brownstein and Billy Busse 19 Stats

Results from other mirrors available here.

2019 Terrapin March 2, 2019 Virginia Johns Hopkins A Weijia Cheng et al. 16 Stats