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Outreach is the act of seeking to provide more information about quizbowl competitions to teams that may not be aware of a quizbowl competition and schools that may not yet have quizbowl teams.

Outreach can take many forms including emailing, phone calling, going to league meetings, or anything that helps spread information about quizbowl to people who did not know about it. Outreach can also include trying to convert teams from bad quizbowl to good quizbowl.

Outreach is most needed in areas where there are few quizbowl competitions and in areas where there are mostly bad quizbowl formats like Questions Unlimited or Academic Hallmarks.

Some quizbowl organizations such as MOQBA have been founded to help promote outreach within a geographic area by coordinating players and coaches from an area to help change institutions and inform new teams about quizbowl.