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A directory of all four-year colleges on the North American continent, whether they are or have ever been active in collegiate quiz bowl, and points of contact (with a timestamp, when applicable).

In 2013, Eliza Grames compiled a contact list which can be found here.

ACF maintains a contact list of teams which attend their tournaments, which can be found here.

Colleges that have been active

Colleges which have ever been active in quiz bowl or quiz bowl-adjacent activities. This includes schools that are currently active in quiz bowl, schools which were previously active in activities like College Bowl, and everything in between.

Please note that, when possible, the name of a point of contact has been provided in place of a personal email - if a team email exists, it has been provided as well.

College State Last year active (any) Last year active (mainstream) Point of contact Last verified Notes
University of Alberta AB 2014 2014 rpnair@ualberta.ca 2012
University of Alaska-Fairbanks AK 2013 TU/bonus format campus radio show
Radioflag page
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (Alabama A&M) AL 2014 HCASC
Alabama State University AL 2014 HCASC
Athens State University AL 2007 2007
Auburn University AL 2021 2021 sng0005@auburn.edu 2014
Auburn University-Montgomery AL 2019 2019
Concordia College AL 2014 HCASC
Judson College AL 2014 2014 Closed in 2021
Oakwood University AL 2016 2016
Samford University AL 2009 2009
Stillman College AL 2014 HCASC
Talladega College AL 2014 HCASC
Tuskegee University AL 2014 HCASC
University of Alabama AL 2020 2020 aaqt@ua.edu 2013
University of Alabama-Birmingham AL 2021 2021
University of Montevallo AL 2007 2007
University of South Alabama AL 1998 1998
Arkansas Baptist College AR 2014 HCASC
Harding University AR 2015 2015
Hendrix College AR 2008 2008
University of Arkansas AR 2011 2011
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff AR 2014 HCASC
University of Central Arkansas AR 2009 2009
Arizona State University AZ 2019 2019 asuquizbowl@gmail.com 2019
University of Arizona AZ 2014 2014
Simon Fraser University BC 2020 2020
University of British Columbia BC 2021 2021
California Institute of Technology CA 2021 2021
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo CA 2016 2016
California State University-Fresno CA 2018 2018
California State University-Long Beach CA 2018 2018
California State University-Northridge CA 2017 2017
California State University-Sacramento CA 2018 2018
California State University-Stanislaus CA 2014 2014
Chapman University CA 2011 2011
Claremont Graduate University CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Claremont McKenna College CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Harvey Mudd College CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Keck Graduate Institute CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Pitzer College CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Pomona College CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
San Jose State University CA 2016 2016
Santa Clara University CA 2017 2017
Scripps College CA 2021 2021 Tomás Aguilar-Fraga Plays with the other Claremont Colleges
Stanford University CA 2021 2021 Natan Holtzman
University of California-Berkeley CA 2021 2021 Rohan Vora 2021
University of California-Davis CA 2021 2021 Nick Jensen 2021
University of California-Irvine CA 2017 2017
University of California-Los Angeles CA 2021 2021
University of California-Riverside CA 2012 2012
University of California-San Diego CA 2021 2021 ucsdqb@gmail.com
University of California-Santa Barbara CA 2019 2019
University of California-Santa Cruz CA 2020 2020 Wade Wong
University of Southern California CA 2021 2021 usctrojanquizbowl@gmail.com
University of the Pacific CA 2014 2014
Colorado State University CO 2019 2019
University of Colorado-Boulder CO 2021 2021
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs CO 2018 2018
University of Denver CO 2016 2016
U.S. Coast Guard Academy CT 2018 2018
University of Connecticut CT 2019 2019 iqconn@gmail.com 2013
Wesleyan University CT 2021 2021 Max Shatan 2021
Yale University CT 2021 2021 Hasna Karim 2021
American University DC 2016 2016
George Washington University DC 2021 2021
Georgetown University DC 2021 2021
Howard University DC 2014 HCASC
University of the District of Columbia DC 2014 HCASC
Delaware State University DE 2014 HCASC
University of Delaware DE 2020 2020
Bethune-Cookman University FL 1997 HCASC
Florida A&M University FL 2014 HCASC
Florida Atlantic University FL 2002 2002
Florida State University FL 2020 2020
New College of Florida FL 2020 2020 Carlos Gonzalez
Saint Leo University FL 2013 2013
St. Thomas University FL
University of Central Florida FL 2021 2021 quizbowlucf@gmail.com
University of Florida FL 2021 2021 William Grossman 2021
University of Miami FL 1998 1998
University of South Florida FL 2018 2018
Albany State University GA 2014 HCASC
Berry College GA 2011 2011
Clark Atlanta University GA 2014 HCASC
Dalton State College GA 2010 2010
Emory University GA 2020 2020
Georgia Institute of Technology GA 2021 2021 Tejas Santanam 2021
Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus GA 1996 1996
Georgia State University GA 2013 2013
Morehouse College GA 2020 HCASC
Oglethorpe University GA 1998 1998
Savannah State University GA 2013 HCASC
Spelman College GA 2014 HCASC
University of Georgia GA 2020 2020 uga.quizbowl@gmail.com
University of North Georgia GA 2020 2020 northgeorgiaateam@gmail.com 2013 Contact info from the (now defunct) North Georgia College and State University
Drake University IA 2019 2019 quizbowl@drake.edu 2013
Grinnell College IA 2021 2021 quizbowl@grinnell.edu 2013
Iowa State University IA 2021 2021
Mount Mercy University IA 2009 2009
University of Iowa IA 2020 2020 Ganon Evans 2021
Boise State University ID 2020 2020
University of Idaho ID 2020 2020
Bradley University IL 2020 2020
Chicago State University IL 2014 HCASC
DePaul University IL 2021 2021
Eureka College IL 2017 2017
Illinois State University IL 2012 2012
Illinois Wesleyan University IL 2018 2018
Knox College IL 2018 2018
Lewis University IL 2020 2020
Loyola University Chicago IL 2019 2019
Northern Illinois University IL 2019 2019
Northwestern University IL 2021 2021
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville IL 2020 2020
University of Chicago IL 2021 2021
University of Illinois-Chicago IL 2019 2019
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign IL 2021 2021 Iain Carpenter 2021
Butler University IN 2016 2016
DePauw University IN 2013 2013
IUPUI IN 2020 2020
Indiana University IN 2021 2021
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis IN
Purdue University IN 2021 2021
University of Notre Dame IN 2021 2021 accnd@nd.edu 2013
Valparaiso University IN 2020 2020
Kansas State University KS 2020 2020 ksuquizbowl@gmail.com 2013
Pittsburg State University KS 2018 2018
University of Kansas KS 2004 2004
Centre College KY 2014 2014
Eastern Kentucky University KY 2021 2021
Georgetown College KY 2011 2011
Northern Kentucky University KY 2011 2011
Transylvania University KY 2020 2020
University of Kentucky KY 2021 2021
University of Louisville KY 2020 2020
University of Pikeville KY 2018 2018
University of the Cumberlands KY 2021 2021
Western Kentucky University KY 2014 2014 wkuquizbowl@gmail.com 2014/05/01
Dillard University LA 2014 HCASC
Grambling State University LA 2014 HCASC
Louisiana State University LA 2018 2018
Louisiana Tech LA 2019 2019
Nicholls State University LA 2017 2017
Southern University-New Orleans LA 2014 HCASC
Tulane University LA 2018 2018
University of Louisiana-Lafayette LA 2017 2017
University of Louisiana-Monroe LA 2017 2017
University of New Orleans LA 2017 2017
Xavier University of Louisiana LA 2014 HCASC
Amherst College MA 2021 2021 Enes Kristo 2021
Babson College MA 2003 2003
Boston College MA 2021 2021
Boston University MA 2010 2010
Brandeis University MA 2021 2021
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering MA
Hampshire College MA
Harvard University MA 2021 2021 harvardqb@gmail.com
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA 2021 2021 bowladmin@mit.edu
Mount Holyoke College MA 2019 2019
Olin College MA 2017 2017
Tufts University MA 2020 2020
Tufts University MA
University of Massachusetts-Amherst MA 2020 2020
Wellesley College MA 2019 2019
Williams College MA 2020 2020
University of Manitoba MB 2016 2016
Bowie State University MD 2014 HCASC
Coppin State University MD 2014 HCASC
Johns Hopkins University MD 2021 2021
Sojourner-Douglass College MD 2014 HCASC
University of Maryland-Baltimore County MD 2006 2006
University of Maryland-College Park MD 2021 2021 umdquizbowl@gmail.com
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore MD 2014 HCASC
Bowdoin College ME 2021 2021 Michael Borecki 2021
Central Michigan University MI 2014 2014
Michigan State University MI 2021 2021 cbowl@msu.edu 2013
Michigan Tech MI 2020 2020
Northern Michigan University MI 2021 2021
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor MI 2021 2021 qbtriumvirate@umich.edu 2013
Wayne State University MI 2020 2020
Western Michigan University MI 1997 1997
Carleton College MN 2021 2021
Carleton College MN
Gustavus Adolphus College MN 2018 2018
Macalester College MN 2020 2020 quizbowl@macalester.edu 2013
University of Minnesota MN 2021 2021
University of Minnesota-Duluth MN 2010 2010
University of Minnesota-Morris MN 2017 2017
University of St. Thomas MN 2019 2019
Columbia College MO
Harris-Stowe State University MO 2014 HCASC
Missouri State University MO 2010 2010
Missouri University of Science & Technology MO 2020 2020
Missouri Valley College MO 2015 2015
Southeast Missouri State University MO 2019 2019
Truman State University MO 2020 2020
University of Missouri MO 2021 2021 mizzouquizbowl@gmail.com 2014
University of Missouri-Kansas City MO 2016 2016
University of Missouri-St. Louis MO 2011 2011
Washington University in St. Louis MO 2021 2021 washuqb@gmail.com 2013
William Woods University MO
Alcorn State University MS 2014 HCASC
Millsaps College MS 2012 2012
Mississippi State University MS 2020 2020 quizbowlmsu@gmail.com
Tougaloo College MS 2014 HCASC
University of Mississippi MS 2019 2019
Montana State University MT 2020 2020
St. Thomas University NB
Bennett College NC 2014 HCASC
Davidson College NC 2017 2017
Duke University NC 2021 2021
Elizabeth City State University NC 2014 HCASC
Elon University NC 2020 2020
Fayetteville State University NC 2014 HCASC
Gardner-Webb University NC 2019 2019
High Point University NC 2019 2019
North Carolina State University NC 2020 2020
North Carolina Wesleyan College NC 2013 2013
Shaw University NC 2014 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill NC 2021 2021
contact=jonajo@ad.unc.edu update=2022
University of North Carolina-Charlotte NC 2011 2011
University of North Carolina-Wilmington NC 2018 2018
Wake Forest University NC 2017 2017
Winston-Salem State University NC 2014 HCASC
University of North Dakota ND 2008 2008
University of Nebraska NE 2021 2021
Dartmouth College NH 2014 2014 cbowl@dartmouth.edu 2013
New Jersey Institute of Technology NJ 2018 2018
Princeton University NJ 2021 2021 Eve Fleisig 2021
Rutgers-New Brunswick NJ 2021 2021 rutgersacademicteam@gmail.com
Rutgers-Newark NJ 2008 2008
New Mexico State University NM 2020 2020
Albany College of Pharmacy NY 2020 2020
Barnard College NY 2021 2021 Plays with Columbia
CUNY-Hunter College NY 2009 2009
CUNY-York College NY 2014 HCASC
Colgate University NY 2020 2020
Columbia University NY 2021 2021 columbiaquizbowl@gmail.com
Cornell University NY 2021 2021
Hamilton College NY 2020 2020
New York University NY 2021 2021 Theresa Nyowheoma 2021
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NY 2020 2020
Rochester Institute of Technology NY 2020 2020
SUNY-Geneseo NY 2020 2020
SUNY-Oneonta NY 2011 2011
SUNY-Stony Brook NY 2021 2021 sbuquizbowl@gmail.com
U.S. Military Academy NY 2011 2011
University at Buffalo NY 2019 2019
University of Rochester NY 2021 2021
Vassar College NY 2020 2020
Bowling Green State University OH 2013 2013
Case Western Reserve University OH 2021 2021
Central State University OH 2014 HCASC
Cleveland State University OH 2021 2021
College of Wooster OH 2013 2013
Kent State University OH 2016 2016
Kenyon College OH 2020 2020
Miami University of Ohio OH 2020 2020
Ohio State University OH 2021 2021
Wilberforce University OH 2014 HCASC
Youngstown State University OH 2018 2018
Langston University OK 2012 2012
Oklahoma Baptist University OK 2017 2017
Oklahoma State University OK 2019 2019 osuquizbowl@gmail.com 2013
University of Central Oklahoma OK 2016 2016
University of Oklahoma OK 2021 2021 Chris Danko oat@ou.edu 2021 (email last verified in 2013)
University of Tulsa OK 2018 2018
Brock University ON
Carleton University ON 2021 2021
McMaster University ON 2021 2021 Kane Nguyen (quizbowl@mcmaster.ca) 2019
Queen's University ON 2021 2021 Jack van Nostrand (trivia@clubs.queensu.ca) 2019
University of Guelph ON
University of Ottawa ON 2023 2023 uottawatrivia@gmail.com
University of Toronto ON 2021 2021 Chris Sims (uoftquizbowl@gmail.com)
University of Waterloo ON 2021 2021 uwquizbowl@clubs.wusa.ca
University of Western Ontario ON 2020 2020
Wilfrid Laurier University ON 2015 2015
Portland State University OR 2012 2012
University of Oregon OR 2021 2021 Daniel Hothem
Bryn Mawr College PA 2001 2001
Carnegie Mellon University PA 2021 2021 cmuquizbowl@gmail.com
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania PA 2014 HCASC
Edinboro University PA 2019 2019
Geneva College PA 2021 2021
Gettysburg College PA 2016 2016 Ryan Bilger (bilgry01@gettysburg.edu) 2016
Haverford College PA 2020 2020
Lehigh University PA 2021 2021 Will Yaeger 2021
Millersville University PA 2020 2020
Penn State University PA 2021 2021 quizbowl@psu.edu 2013
Penn State-Brandywine PA 2017 2017
Robert Morris University PA 2018 2018
Swarthmore College PA 2021 2021 swarthmorequizbowl@gmail.com
University of Pennsylvania PA 2021 2021 pennquizbowl@gmail.com
University of Pittsburgh PA 2021 2021
Ursinus College PA 2011 2011
Villanova University PA
West Chester University of Pennsylvania PA 2020 2020 Alex Sankaran No official club
McGill University QC 2021 2021 mcgill.triviaclub@ssmu.ca
Brown University RI 2021 2021 brownqb@brown.edu
Allen University SC 2014 HCASC
Benedict College SC 2014 HCASC
Claflin University SC 2014 HCASC
Clemson University SC 2021 2021
College of Charleston SC 2019 2019
Columbia College SC
Furman University SC
University of South Carolina SC 2021 2021
University of South Carolina-Upstate SC 2019 2019
Voorhees College SC 2014 HCASC
Wofford College SC 2020 2020 Kelin Carpenter
Augustana University SD 2018 2018
East Tennessee State University TN 2020 2020 Dylan Cox
Fisk University TN 2014 HCASC
Lee University TN 2000 2000
Rhodes College TN 2005 2005
Tennessee State University TN 2014 HCASC
Tennessee Technical University TN 2002 2002
University of Tennessee TN
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga TN 2011 2011 utcquizbowl@gmail.com 2013
University of Tennessee-Knoxville TN 2021 2021
Vanderbilt University TN 2021 2021 vandyquizbowl@gmail.com 2019
Rice University TX 2021 2021 rquizbowl@gmail.com
Texas A&M University-College Station TX 2021 2021 president@quizbowl.tamu.edu 2013
Texas College TX 2014 HCASC
University of Houston TX 2016 2016
University of North Texas TX 2020 2020
University of St. Thomas TX
University of Texas-Austin TX 2021 2021 William Golden 2021
University of Texas-Dallas TX 2020 2020
University of Texas-El Paso TX 2019 2019
Wiley College TX 2014 HCASC
Brigham Young University-Provo UT 2020 2020 byuquizbowl@gmail.com 2013
Utah State University UT 2009
College of William & Mary VA 2021 2021 wmquizbowl@gmail.com
George Mason University VA 2016 2016
Hampton University VA 2014 HCASC
James Madison University VA 2022 2022 jmuquizbowl@gmail.com 2021
Liberty University VA 2021 2021
Longwood University VA 2017 2017
Radford University VA 2019 2019
Roanoke College VA 2020 2020
Southern Virginia University VA 2014 2014
St. Paul's College VA 2013 HCASC
University of Virginia VA 2021 2021
Virginia Commonwealth University VA 2021 2021 quizbowlatvcu@gmail.com 2021/10/12
Virginia State University VA 2014 HCASC
Virginia Tech VA 2021 2021
Virginia Union University VA 2014 HCASC
Gonzaga University WA 2009 2009
University of Washington WA 2020 2020
Whitman College WA 2002 2002
Beloit College WI 2019 2019
Lawrence University WI 2020 2020
Marquette University WI 2015 2015
University of Wisconsin-Madison WI 2021 2021
University of West Virginia WV 2021 2021
West Virginia State University WV 2014 HCASC

For the purposes of this table, "mainstream" quiz bowl includes NAQT and ACF tournaments and housewrites. Participation in HCASC, College Bowl, or conventional quiz bowl not intended for college audiences (e.g. IS sets) would fall under the category of "any".

Colleges that have never been active

Colleges which have ever never been active in quiz bowl or quiz bowl-adjacent activities.

Note that some of these entries may be "false positives" - schools that have been active but have simply not been noticed and moved into the other table - so do not take this table as fact.

College State Last year active (any) Last year active (mainstream) Point of contact Last verified Notes
Athabasca University AB
Grant MacEwan University AB
Mount Royal University AB
University of Calgary AB
University of Lethbridge AB
Alaska Pacific University AK
University of Alaska-Anchorage AK
University of Alaska-Southeast AK
Amridge University AL
Birmingham-Southern College AL
Faulkner University AL
Huntingdon College AL
Jacksonville State University AL
Miles College AL
Samford University AL
Spring Hill College AL
Troy University AL
United States Sports Academy AL
University of Alabama-Huntsville AL
University of Mobile AL
University of North Alabama AL
University of West Alabama AL
Arkansas State University AR
Arkansas Tech University AR
Central Baptist College AR
Henderson State University AR
John Brown University AR
Lyon College AR
Ouachita Baptist University AR
Philander Smith College AR
Southern Arkansas University AR
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences AR
University of Arkansas-Fort Smith AR
University of Arkansas-Little Rock AR
University of Arkansas-Monticello AR
University of the Ozarks AR
Williams Baptist College AR
American Indian College of the Assemblies of God AZ
Arizona Christian University AZ
Arizona State University-West AZ
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott AZ
Everest College-Phoenix AZ
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture AZ
Grand Canyon University AZ
Northcentral University AZ
Northern Arizona University AZ
Prescott College AZ
Southwest University of Visual Arts AZ
University of Advancing Technology AZ
Western International University AZ
Capilano University BC
Emily Carr University of Art and Design BC
Fairleigh Dickinson University BC
Kwantlen Polytechnic University BC
Quest University BC
Royal Roads University BC
Thompson Rivers University BC
Trinity Western University BC
University Canada West BC
University of Northern British Columbia BC
University of the Fraser Valley BC
University of Victoria BC
Vancouver Island University BC
Academy of Art University CA
Alliant International University CA
American Jewish University CA
Argosy University CA
Art Center College of Design CA
Azusa Pacific University CA
Biola University CA
Brandman University CA
California Baptist University CA
California College of the Arts CA
California Institute of Integral Studies CA
California Institute of the Arts CA
California Lutheran University CA
California Maritime Academy CA
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona CA
California State University-Bakersfield CA
California State University-Channel Islands CA
California State University-Chico CA
California State University-Dominguez Hills CA
California State University-East Bay CA
California State University-Fullerton CA
California State University-Los Angeles CA
California State University-Monterey Bay CA
California State University-San Bernardino CA
California State University-San Marcos CA
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science CA
Cogswell Polytechnical College CA
Concordia University CA
Dominican University of California CA
Fresno Pacific University CA
Golden Gate University CA
Holy Names University CA
Hope International University CA
Humboldt State University CA
Humphreys College CA
John F. Kennedy University CA
La Sierra University CA
Laguna College of Art and Design CA
Life Pacific College CA
Loma Linda University CA
Loyola Marymount University CA
Master's College and Seminary CA
Menlo College CA
Mills College CA
Mount St. Mary's College CA
National Hispanic University CA
National University CA
Notre Dame de Namur University CA
Occidental College CA
Otis College of Art and Design CA
Pacific Oaks College CA
Pacific Union College CA
Patten University CA
Pepperdine University CA
Point Loma Nazarene University CA
Samuel Merritt University CA
San Diego Christian College CA
San Diego State University CA
San Francisco Art Institute CA
San Francisco Conservatory of Music CA
San Francisco State University CA
Simpson University CA
Soka University of America CA
Sonoma State University CA
Southern California Institute of Architecture CA
St. Mary's College of California CA
Thomas Aquinas College CA
Trident University International CA
University of La Verne CA
University of Redlands CA
University of San Diego CA
University of San Francisco CA
University of the West CA
Vanguard University of Southern California CA
Westmont College CA
Whittier College CA
William Jessup University CA
Woodbury University CA
Adams State University CO
Art Institute of Colorado CO
Colorado Christian University CO
Colorado College CO
Colorado Mesa University CO
Colorado School of Mines CO
Colorado State University-Pueblo CO
Colorado Technical University CO
Fort Lewis College CO
Jones International University CO
Metropolitan State University of Denver CO
Naropa University CO
Nazarene Bible College CO
Regis University CO
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design CO
United States Air Force Academy CO
University of Colorado-Denver CO
University of Northern Colorado CO
Western State Colorado University CO
Albertus Magnus College CT
Central Connecticut State University CT
Charter Oak State College CT
Connecticut College CT
Eastern Connecticut State University CT
Fairfield University CT
Holy Apostles College and Seminary CT
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts CT
Mitchell College CT
Post University CT
Quinnipiac University CT
Sacred Heart University CT
Southern Connecticut State University CT
Trinity College CT
University of Bridgeport CT
University of Hartford CT
University of New Haven CT
University of St. Joseph CT
Western Connecticut State University CT
Corcoran College of Art and Design DC
Gallaudet University DC
Potomac College DC
Strayer University DC
The Catholic University of America DC
Trinity University DC
Goldey-Beacom College DE
Wesley College DE
Wilmington University DE
Adventist University of Health Sciences FL
Ave Maria University FL
Baptist College of Florida FL
Barry University FL
Beacon College FL
Clearwater Christian College FL
Daytona State College FL
Eckerd College FL
Edison State College FL
Edward Waters College FL
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University FL
Everglades University FL
Flagler College FL
Florida Christian College FL
Florida College FL
Florida Gulf Coast University FL
Florida Institute of Technology FL
Florida International University FL
Florida Memorial University FL
Florida Southern College FL
Florida State College-Jacksonville FL
Hodges University FL
Indian River State College FL
Jacksonville University FL
Keiser University FL
Lynn University FL
Miami Dade College FL
Miami International University of Art & Design FL
Northwest Florida State College FL
Nova Southeastern University FL
Palm Beach Atlantic University FL
Ringling College of Art and Design FL
Rollins College FL
Southeastern University FL
St. John Vianney College Seminary FL
St. Petersburg College FL
Stetson University FL
University of North Florida FL
University of South Florida-St. Petersburg FL
University of Tampa FL
University of West Florida FL
Warner University FL
Webber International University FL
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College GA
Agnes Scott College GA
Armstrong Atlantic State University GA
Art Institute of Atlanta GA
Bauder College GA
Berry College GA
Brenau University GA
Brewton-Parker College GA
Clayton State University GA
Columbus State University GA
Covenant College GA
Dalton State College GA
Emmanuel College GA
Fort Valley State University GA
Georgia College & State University GA
Georgia Gwinnett College GA
Georgia Regents University GA
Georgia Southern University GA
Georgia Southwestern State University GA
Georgia State University GA
Gordon State College GA
Kennesaw State University GA
LaGrange College GA
Life University GA
Mercer University GA
Middle Georgia State College GA
Morehouse College GA
Oglethorpe University GA
Paine College GA
Piedmont College GA
Point University GA
Reinhardt University GA
Savannah College of Art and Design GA
Shorter University GA
South University GA
Southern Polytechnic State University GA
Thomas University GA
Toccoa Falls College GA
Truett McConnell College GA
University of North Georgia GA
University of West Georgia GA
Valdosta State University GA
Wesleyan College GA
University of Guam GU
Brigham Young University-Hawaii HI
Chaminade University of Honolulu HI
Hawaii Pacific University HI
University of Hawaii-Hilo HI
University of Hawaii-Manoa HI
University of Hawaii-Maui College HI
University of Hawaii-West Oahu HI
AIB College of Business IA
Allen College IA
Ashford University IA
Briar Cliff University IA
Buena Vista University IA
Central College IA
Clarke University IA
Coe College IA
Cornell College IA
Divine Word College IA
Dordt College IA
Emmaus Bible College IA
Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary IA
Graceland University IA
Grand View University IA
Iowa Wesleyan College IA
Kaplan University IA
Loras College IA
Luther College IA
Maharishi University of Management IA
Mercy College of Health Sciences IA
Morningside College IA
Mount Mercy University IA
Northwestern College IA
Palmer College of Chiropractic IA
Simpson College IA
St. Ambrose University IA
University of Dubuque IA
University of Northern Iowa IA
Upper Iowa University IA
Waldorf College IA
Wartburg College IA
William Penn University IA
Brigham Young University-Idaho ID
College of Idaho ID
Idaho State University ID
Lewis-Clark State College ID
Northwest Nazarene University ID
University of Idaho ID
American Academy of Art IL
American InterContinental University IL
Augustana College IL
Aurora University IL
Benedictine University IL
Blackburn College IL
Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing IL
Chamberlain College of Nursing IL
Columbia College Chicago IL
Concordia University Chicago IL
DeVry University IL
Dominican University IL
Eastern Illinois University IL
East-West University IL
Elmhurst College IL
Eureka College IL
Governors State University IL
Greenville College IL
Harrington College of Design IL
Hebrew Theological College IL
Illinois College IL
Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago IL
Illinois Institute of Technology IL
Illinois State University IL
Illinois Wesleyan University IL
Judson University IL
Kendall College IL
Knox College IL
Lake Forest College IL
Lakeview College of Nursing IL
Lewis University IL
Lexington College IL
Lincoln Christian University IL
Lincoln College IL
Loyola University Chicago IL
MacMurray College IL
McKendree University IL
Midstate College IL
Millikin University IL
Monmouth College IL
Moody Bible Institute IL
National-Louis University IL
North Central College IL
North Park University IL
Northeastern Illinois University IL
Olivet Nazarene University IL
Principia College IL
Quincy University IL
Resurrection University IL
Robert Morris University IL
Rockford University IL
Roosevelt University IL
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science IL
Rush University IL
School of the Art Institute of Chicago IL
Shimer College IL
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale IL
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville IL
St. Anthony College of Nursing IL
St. Augustine College IL
St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing IL
St. John's College IL
St. Xavier University IL
Trinity Christian College IL
Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences IL
Trinity International University IL
University of Illinois-Springfield IL
University of St. Francis IL
VanderCook College of Music IL
Western Illinois University IL
Wheaton College IL
Anderson University IN
Ball State University IN
Bethel College IN
Butler University IN
Calumet College of St. Joseph IN
DePauw University IN
Earlham College IN
Franklin College IN
Goshen College IN
Grace College and Seminary IN
Hanover College IN
Holy Cross College IN
Huntington University IN
Indiana Institute of Technology IN
Indiana State University IN
Indiana University East IN
Indiana University Northwest IN
Indiana University Southeast IN
Indiana University-Bloomington IN
Indiana University-Kokomo IN
Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne IN
Indiana University-South Bend IN
Indiana Wesleyan University IN
Manchester University IN
Marian University IN
Martin University IN
Oakland City University IN
Purdue University-Calumet IN
Purdue University-North Central IN
Purdue University-West Lafayette IN
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology IN
St. Joseph's College IN
St. Mary-of-the-Woods College IN
St. Mary's College IN
Taylor University IN
Trine University IN
University of Evansville IN
University of Indianapolis IN
University of Southern Indiana IN
University of St. Francis IN
Valparaiso University IN
Vincennes University IN
Wabash College IN
Baker University KS
Benedictine College KS
Bethany College KS
Bethel College KS
Central Christian College KS
Donnelly College KS
Emporia State University KS
Fort Hays State University KS
Friends University KS
Haskell Indian Nations University KS
Kansas Wesleyan University KS
Manhattan Christian College KS
McPherson College KS
MidAmerica Nazarene University KS
Newman University KS
Ottawa University KS
Pittsburg State University KS
Southwestern College KS
Sterling College KS
Tabor College KS
University of Kansas KS
University of St. Mary KS
Washburn University KS
Wichita State University KS
Alice Lloyd College KY
Asbury University KY
Bellarmine University KY
Berea College KY
Brescia University KY
Campbellsville University KY
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College KY
Eastern Kentucky University KY
Georgetown College KY
Kentucky Christian University KY
Kentucky State University KY
Kentucky Wesleyan College KY
Lindsey Wilson College KY
Mid-Continent University KY
Midway College KY
Morehead State University KY
Murray State University KY
Northern Kentucky University KY
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary KY
Spalding University KY
St. Catharine College KY
Sullivan University KY
Thomas More College KY
Transylvania University KY
Union College KY
University of Pikeville KY
University of the Cumberlands KY
Centenary College of Louisiana LA
Louisiana College LA
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center LA
Louisiana State University-Alexandria LA
Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge LA
Louisiana State University-Shreveport LA
Louisiana Tech University LA
Loyola University New Orleans LA
McNeese State University LA
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary LA
Nicholls State University LA
Northwestern State University of Louisiana LA
Our Lady of Holy Cross College LA
Our Lady of the Lake College LA
Southeastern Louisiana University LA
Southern University and A&M College LA
St. Joseph Seminary College LA
Tulane University LA
University of Louisiana-Lafayette LA
University of Louisiana-Monroe LA
University of New Orleans LA
American International College MA
Anna Maria College MA
Assumption College MA
Babson College MA
Bard College at Simon's Rock MA
Bay Path College MA
Bay State College MA
Becker College MA
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology MA
Bentley University MA
Berklee College of Music MA
Boston Architectural College MA
Boston Conservatory MA
Bridgewater State University MA
Cambridge College MA
Clark University MA
College of Our Lady of the Elms MA
College of the Holy Cross MA
Curry College MA
Dean College MA
Eastern Nazarene College MA
Emerson College MA
Emmanuel College MA
Endicott College MA
Fisher College MA
Fitchburg State University MA
Framingham State University MA
Gordon College MA
Hellenic College MA
Lasell College MA
Lesley University MA
Massachusetts College of Art and Design MA
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts MA
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences MA
Massachusetts Maritime Academy MA
Merrimack College MA
Montserrat College of Art MA
Mount Ida College MA
National Graduate School of Quality Management MA
New England Conservatory of Music MA
New England Institute of Art MA
Newbury College MA
Nichols College MA
Northeastern University MA
Pine Manor College MA
Regis College MA
Salem State University MA
Simmons College MA
Smith College MA
Springfield College MA
Stonehill College MA
Suffolk University MA
University of Massachusetts-Boston MA
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth MA
University of Massachusetts-Lowell MA
Wellesley College MA
Wentworth Institute of Technology MA
Western New England University MA
Westfield State University MA
Wheaton College MA
Wheelock College MA
Williams College MA
Worcester Polytechnic Institute MA
Worcester State University MA
Booth University College MB
Brandon University MB
Canadian Mennonite University MB
University College of the North MB
University of Manitoba MB
University of Winnipeg MB
Capitol College MD
Frostburg State University MD
Goucher College MD
Hood College MD
Loyola University Maryland MD
Maryland Institute College of Art MD
McDaniel College MD
Morgan State University MD
Mount St. Mary's University MD
National Labor College MD
Notre Dame of Maryland University MD
Salisbury University MD
St. John's College MD
St. Mary's College of Maryland MD
St. Mary's Seminary and University MD
Stevenson University MD
Towson University MD
United States Naval Academy MD
University of Baltimore MD
University of Maryland-Baltimore MD
University of Maryland-Baltimore County MD
University of Maryland-University College MD
Washington Adventist University MD
Washington College MD
Bates College ME
Colby College ME
College of the Atlantic ME
Husson University ME
Maine College of Art ME
Maine Maritime Academy ME
St. Joseph's College ME
Thomas College ME
Unity College ME
University of Maine ME
University of Maine-Augusta ME
University of Maine-Farmington ME
University of Maine-Fort Kent ME
University of Maine-Machias ME
University of Maine-Presque Isle ME
University of New England ME
University of Southern Maine ME
Adrian College MI
Albion College MI
Alma College MI
Andrews University MI
Aquinas College MI
Baker College of Flint MI
Calvin College MI
Central Michigan University MI
Cleary University MI
College for Creative Studies MI
Concordia University MI
Cornerstone University MI
Davenport University MI
Eastern Michigan University MI
Ferris State University MI
Finlandia University MI
Grace Bible College MI
Grand Valley State University MI
Great Lakes Christian College MI
Hillsdale College MI
Hope College MI
Kalamazoo College MI
Kettering University MI
Kuyper College MI
Lake Superior State University MI
Lawrence Technological University MI
Madonna University MI
Marygrove College MI
Michigan Technological University MI
Northern Michigan University MI
Northwood University MI
Oakland University MI
Olivet College MI
Robert B. Miller College MI
Rochester College MI
Sacred Heart Major Seminary MI
Saginaw Valley State University MI
Siena Heights University MI
Spring Arbor University MI
University of Detroit Mercy MI
University of Michigan-Dearborn MI
University of Michigan-Flint MI
Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration MI
Western Michigan University MI
Augsburg College MN
Bemidji State University MN
Bethany Lutheran College MN
Bethel University MN
Capella University MN
College of St. Benedict MN
College of St. Scholastica MN
Concordia College-Moorhead MN
Concordia University-St. Paul MN
Crown College MN
Dunwoody College of Technology MN
Gustavus Adolphus College MN
Hamline University MN
Macalester College MN
Martin Luther College MN
Metropolitan State University MN
Minneapolis College of Art and Design MN
Minnesota State University-Mankato MN
Minnesota State University-Moorhead MN
North Central University MN
Northwestern Health Sciences University MN
Southwest Minnesota State University MN
St. Catherine University MN
St. Cloud State University MN
St. John's University MN
St. Mary's University of Minnesota MN
St. Olaf College MN
University of Minnesota-Crookston MN
University of Minnesota-Duluth MN
University of Minnesota-Morris MN
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities MN
University of Northwestern-St. Paul MN
Walden University MN
Winona State University MN
Avila University MO
Baptist Bible College MO
Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary MO
Central Bible College MO
Central Methodist University MO
Cleveland Chiropractic College MO
College of the Ozarks MO
Conception Seminary College MO
Cox College MO
Culver-Stockton College MO
Drury University MO
Evangel University MO
Fontbonne University MO
Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College MO
Hannibal-LaGrange University MO
Kansas City Art Institute MO
Lincoln University MO
Lindenwood University MO
Maryville University of St. Louis MO
Missouri Baptist University MO
Missouri Southern State University MO
Missouri Western State University MO
Northwest Missouri State University MO
Park University MO
Ranken Technical College MO
Research College of Nursing MO
Rockhurst University MO
Southwest Baptist University MO
St. Louis College of Pharmacy MO
St. Louis University MO
St. Luke's College of Health Sciences MO
Stephens College MO
University of Central Missouri MO
Webster University MO
Westminster College MO
William Jewell College MO
Belhaven University MS
Blue Mountain College MS
Delta State University MS
Jackson State University MS
Millsaps College MS
Mississippi College MS
Mississippi University for Women MS
Mississippi Valley State University MS
Rust College MS
University of Mississippi Medical Center MS
University of Southern Mississippi MS
William Carey University MS
Carroll College MT
Montana State University MT
Montana State University-Billings MT
Montana State University-Northern MT
Montana Tech of the University of Montana MT
Rocky Mountain College MT
Salish Kootenai College MT
University of Great Falls MT
University of Montana MT
University of Montana-Western MT
Crandall University NB
Kingswood University NB
Mount Allison University NB
St. Stephen's University NB
University of Fredericton NB
University of New Brunswick NB
Appalachian State University NC
Barton College NC
Belmont Abbey College NC
Brevard College NC
Cabarrus College of Health Sciences NC
Campbell University NC
Catawba College NC
Chowan University NC
Davidson College NC
East Carolina University NC
Elon University NC
Gardner-Webb University NC
Greensboro College NC
Guilford College NC
High Point University NC
Johnson C. Smith University NC
Lees-McRae College NC
Lenoir-Rhyne University NC
Livingstone College NC
Mars Hill University NC
Meredith College NC
Methodist University NC
Mid-Atlantic Christian University NC
Montreat College NC
Mount Olive College NC
North Carolina A&T State University NC
North Carolina Central University NC
North Carolina State University-Raleigh NC
Pfeiffer University NC
Queens University of Charlotte NC
Salem College NC
St. Augustine's University NC
University of North Carolina School of the Arts NC
University of North Carolina-Asheville NC
University of North Carolina-Charlotte NC
University of North Carolina-Greensboro NC
University of North Carolina-Pembroke NC
University of North Carolina-Wilmington NC
Warren Wilson College NC
Western Carolina University NC
William Peace University NC
Wingate University NC
Bismarck State College ND
Dickinson State University ND
Mayville State University ND
Minot State University ND
North Dakota State University ND
Sanford College of Nursing ND
Sitting Bull College ND
University of Jamestown ND
University of Mary ND
University of North Dakota ND
Valley City State University ND
Bellevue University NE
Chadron State College NE
Clarkson College NE
College of St. Mary NE
Concordia University NE
Creighton University NE
Doane College NE
Grace University NE
Hastings College NE
Midland University NE
Nebraska Methodist College NE
Nebraska Wesleyan University NE
Peru State College NE
Union College NE
University of Nebraska Medical Center NE
University of Nebraska-Kearney NE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln NE
University of Nebraska-Omaha NE
Wayne State College NE
York College NE
Colby-Sawyer College NH
Daniel Webster College NH
Franklin Pierce University NH
Granite State College NH
Keene State College NH
Mount Washington College NH
New England College NH
Plymouth State University NH
Rivier University NH
Southern New Hampshire University NH
St. Anselm College NH
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts NH
University of New Hampshire NH
Berkeley College NJ
Bloomfield College NJ
Caldwell College NJ
Centenary College NJ
College of New Jersey NJ
College of St. Elizabeth NJ
Drew University NJ
Fairleigh Dickinson University NJ
Felician College NJ
Georgian Court University NJ
Kean University NJ
Monmouth University NJ
Montclair State University NJ
New Jersey City University NJ
New Jersey Institute of Technology NJ
Ramapo College of New Jersey NJ
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey NJ
Rider University NJ
Rowan University NJ
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey-Camden NJ
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey-Newark NJ
Seton Hall University NJ
St. Peter's University NJ
Stevens Institute of Technology NJ
Thomas Edison State College NJ
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey NJ
William Paterson University of New Jersey NJ
Memorial University of Newfoundland NL
Eastern New Mexico University NM
Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development NM
New Mexico Highlands University NM
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology NM
New Mexico State University NM
Northern New Mexico College NM
Santa Fe University of Art and Design NM
St. John's College NM
University of New Mexico NM
University of the Southwest NM
Western New Mexico University NM
Acadia University NS
Atlantic School of Theology NS
Cape Breton University NS
Dalhousie University NS
Mount Saint Vincent University NS
NSCAD University NS
Saint Francis Xavier University NS
Saint Mary's University NS
University of King's College NS
College of Southern Nevada NV
Great Basin College NV
Nevada State College NV
Sierra Nevada College NV
University of Nevada-Las Vegas NV
University of Nevada-Reno NV
Western Nevada College NV
Adelphi University NY
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences NY
Alfred University NY
Bard College NY
Berkeley College NY
Binghamton University-SUNY NY
Boricua College NY
Briarcliffe College NY
Canisius College NY
Cazenovia College NY
Clarkson University NY
Colgate University NY
College at Brockport-SUNY NY
College of Mount St. Vincent NY
College of New Rochelle NY
College of St. Rose NY
Concordia College NY
Cooper Union NY
Culinary Institute of America NY
CUNY-Baruch College NY
CUNY-Brooklyn College NY
CUNY-City College NY
CUNY-College of Staten Island NY
CUNY-Hunter College NY
CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice NY
CUNY-Lehman College NY
CUNY-Medgar Evers College NY
CUNY-New York City College of Technology NY
CUNY-Queens College NY
Daemen College NY
Davis College NY
Dominican College NY
Dowling College NY
D'Youville College NY
Elmira College NY
Excelsior College NY
Farmingdale State College-SUNY NY
Fashion Institute of Technology NY
Five Towns College NY
Fordham University NY
Hamilton College NY
Hartwick College NY
Hilbert College NY
Hobart and William Smith Colleges NY
Hofstra University NY
Houghton College NY
Iona College NY
Ithaca College NY
Jewish Theological Seminary of America NY
Juilliard School NY
Keuka College NY
King's College NY
Le Moyne College NY
LIM College NY
Manhattan College NY
Manhattan School of Music NY
Manhattanville College NY
Marist College NY
Marymount Manhattan College NY
Medaille College NY
Mercy College NY
Metropolitan College of New York NY
Molloy College NY
Monroe College NY
Morrisville State College NY
Mount St. Mary College NY
Nazareth College NY
New School NY
New York Institute of Technology NY
Niagara University NY
Nyack College NY
Pace University NY
Paul Smith's College NY
Plaza College NY
Polytechnic Institute of New York University NY
Pratt Institute NY
Purchase College-SUNY NY
Roberts Wesleyan College NY
Sarah Lawrence College NY
School of Visual Arts NY
Siena College NY
Skidmore College NY
St. Bonaventure University NY
St. Francis College NY
St. John Fisher College NY
St. John's University NY
St. Joseph's College New York NY
St. Lawrence University NY
St. Thomas Aquinas College NY
SUNY Buffalo State NY
SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology-Cobleskill NY
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry NY
SUNY College of Technology-Alfred NY
SUNY College of Technology-Canton NY
SUNY College of Technology-Delhi NY
SUNY College-Cortland NY
SUNY College-Old Westbury NY
SUNY College-Oneonta NY
SUNY College-Potsdam NY
SUNY Downstate Medical Center NY
SUNY Empire State College NY
SUNY Institute of Technology-Utica/Rome NY
SUNY Maritime College NY
SUNY Upstate Medical University NY
SUNY-Fredonia NY
SUNY-Geneseo NY
SUNY-New Paltz NY
SUNY-Oswego NY
SUNY-Plattsburgh NY
Syracuse University NY
The Sage Colleges NY
Touro College NY
Union College NY
United States Merchant Marine Academy NY
United States Military Academy NY
University at Albany-SUNY NY
University at Buffalo-SUNY NY
University of Rochester NY
Utica College NY
Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology NY
Wagner College NY
Webb Institute NY
Wells College NY
Yeshiva University NY
Antioch University OH
Art Academy of Cincinnati OH
Ashland University OH
Baldwin Wallace University OH
Bluffton University OH
Bowling Green State University OH
Capital University OH
Cedarville University OH
Chancellor University OH
Cincinnati Christian University OH
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science OH
Cleveland Institute of Art OH
Cleveland Institute of Music OH
Cleveland State University OH
College of Mount St. Joseph OH
Columbus College of Art and Design OH
Defiance College OH
Denison University OH
Franciscan University of Steubenville OH
Franklin University OH
God's Bible School and College OH
Heidelberg University OH
Hiram College OH
John Carroll University OH
Kettering College OH
Lake Erie College OH
Lourdes University OH
Malone University OH
Marietta College OH
Mercy College of Ohio OH
Miami University-Oxford OH
Mount Carmel College of Nursing OH
Mount Vernon Nazarene University OH
Muskingum University OH
Notre Dame College of Ohio OH
Oberlin College OH
Ohio Christian University OH
Ohio Dominican University OH
Ohio Northern University OH
Ohio University OH
Ohio Wesleyan University OH
Otterbein University OH
Pontifical College Josephinum OH
Shawnee State University OH
Tiffin University OH
Union Institute and University OH
University of Akron OH
University of Cincinnati OH
University of Cincinnati-UC Blue Ash College OH
University of Dayton OH
University of Findlay OH
University of Mount Union OH
University of Northwestern Ohio OH
University of Rio Grande OH
University of Toledo OH
Urbana University OH
Ursuline College OH
Walsh University OH
Wilmington College OH
Wittenberg University OH
Wright State University OH
Xavier University OH
Bacone College OK
Cameron University OK
East Central University OK
Langston University OK
Mid-America Christian University OK
Northeastern State University OK
Northwestern Oklahoma State University OK
Oklahoma Baptist University OK
Oklahoma Christian University OK
Oklahoma City University OK
Oklahoma Panhandle State University OK
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee OK
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City OK
Oklahoma Wesleyan University OK
Oral Roberts University OK
Rogers State University OK
Southeastern Oklahoma State University OK
Southern Nazarene University OK
Southwestern Christian University OK
Southwestern Oklahoma State University OK
St. Gregory's University OK
University of Central Oklahoma OK
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma OK
Algoma University ON
Dominican University College ON
Lakehead University ON
Laurentian University ON
Nipissing University ON
OCAD University ON
Redeemer University College ON
Royal Military College of Canada ON
Ryerson University ON
Saint Paul University ON
Trent University ON
Tyndale University College ON
University of Ontario Institute of Technology ON
University of Western Ontario ON
University of Windsor ON
Wilfrid Laurier University ON
York University ON
Art Institute of Portland OR
Concordia University OR
Corban University OR
Eastern Oregon University OR
George Fox University OR
Lewis & Clark College OR
Linfield College OR
Marylhurst University OR
Mount Angel Seminary OR
Multnomah University OR
Northwest Christian University OR
Oregon College of Art and Craft OR
Oregon Health and Science University OR
Oregon Institute of Technology OR
Oregon State University OR
Pacific Northwest College of Art OR
Pacific University OR
Portland State University OR
Reed College OR
Southern Oregon University OR
University of Portland OR
Warner Pacific College OR
Western Oregon University OR
Willamette University OR
Albright College PA
Allegheny College PA
Alvernia University PA
Arcadia University PA
Art Institute of Pittsburgh PA
Baptist Bible College and Seminary PA
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania PA
Bryn Athyn College of the New Church PA
Bryn Mawr College PA
Bucknell University PA
Cabrini College PA
Cairn University PA
California University of Pennsylvania PA
Carlow University PA
Cedar Crest College PA
Central Penn College PA
Chatham University PA
Chestnut Hill College PA
Clarion University of Pennsylvania PA
Curtis Institute of Music PA
Delaware Valley College PA
DeSales University PA
Dickinson College PA
Drexel University PA
Duquesne University PA
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania PA
Eastern University PA
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania PA
Elizabethtown College PA
Franklin and Marshall College PA
Gannon University PA
Geneva College PA
Gratz College PA
Grove City College PA
Gwynedd-Mercy College PA
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology PA
Haverford College PA
Holy Family University PA
Immaculata University PA
Indiana University of Pennsylvania PA
Juniata College PA
Keystone College PA
King's College PA
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania PA
La Roche College PA
La Salle University PA
Lafayette College PA
Lancaster Bible College PA
Lebanon Valley College PA
Lincoln University PA
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania PA
Lycoming College PA
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania PA
Marywood University PA
Mercyhurst University PA
Messiah College PA
Millersville University of Pennsylvania PA
Misericordia University PA
Moore College of Art & Design PA
Moravian College PA
Mount Aloysius College PA
Muhlenberg College PA
Neumann University PA
Peirce College PA
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design PA
Pennsylvania College of Technology PA
Pennsylvania State University-Erie, The Behrend College PA
Pennsylvania State University-Harrisburg PA
Pennsylvania State University-University Park PA
Philadelphia University PA
Point Park University PA
Robert Morris University PA
Rosemont College PA
Seton Hill University PA
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania PA
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania PA
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary PA
St. Francis University PA
St. Joseph's University PA
St. Vincent College PA
Susquehanna University PA
Temple University PA
Thiel College PA
Thomas Jefferson University PA
University of Pittsburgh PA
University of Scranton PA
University of the Arts PA
University of the Sciences PA
Ursinus College PA
Valley Forge Christian College PA
Washington and Jefferson College PA
Waynesburg University PA
Westminster College PA
Widener University PA
Wilkes University PA
Wilson College PA
York College of Pennsylvania PA
University of Prince Edward Island PE
American University of Puerto Rico PR
Bayamon Central University PR
Caribbean University PR
Carlos Albizu University PR
Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Barranquitas PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Fajardo PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Guayama PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metropolitan Campus PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Ponce PR
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German PR
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR
Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music PR
Universidad Adventista de las Antillas PR
Universidad del Este PR
Universidad del Turabo PR
Universidad Metropolitana PR
Universidad Politecnica De Puerto Rico PR
University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla PR
University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo PR
University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon PR
University of Puerto Rico-Cayey PR
University of Puerto Rico-Humacao PR
University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez PR
University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus PR
University of Puerto Rico-Ponce PR
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras PR
University of the Sacred Heart PR
Bishop's University QC
Concordia University QC
HEC Montréal QC
Bryant University RI
Johnson & Wales University RI
New England Institute of Technology RI
Providence College RI
Rhode Island College RI
Rhode Island School of Design RI
Roger Williams University RI
Salve Regina University RI
University of Rhode Island RI
Anderson University SC
Charleston Southern University SC
Clemson University SC
Coastal Carolina University SC
Coker College SC
College of Charleston SC
Columbia International University SC
Converse College SC
Erskine College SC
Francis Marion University SC
Lander University SC
Limestone College SC
Medical University of South Carolina SC
Morris College SC
Newberry College SC
North Greenville University SC
Presbyterian College SC
South Carolina State University SC
Southern Wesleyan University SC
The Citadel SC
University of South Carolina-Aiken SC
University of South Carolina-Beaufort SC
University of South Carolina-Upstate SC
Winthrop University SC
Augustana College SD
Black Hills State University SD
Dakota State University SD
Dakota Wesleyan University SD
Mount Marty College SD
National American University SD
Northern State University SD
Oglala Lakota College SD
Presentation College SD
Sinte Gleska University SD
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology SD
South Dakota State University SD
University of Sioux Falls SD
University of South Dakota SD
First Nations University of Canada SK
University of Regina SK
University of Saskatchewan SK
Aquinas College TN
Austin Peay State University TN
Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences TN
Belmont University TN
Bethel University TN
Bryan College TN
Carson-Newman University TN
Christian Brothers University TN
Cumberland University TN
Freed-Hardeman University TN
Johnson University TN
King University TN
Lane College TN
Lee University TN
LeMoyne-Owen College TN
Lincoln Memorial University TN
Lipscomb University TN
Martin Methodist College TN
Maryville College TN
Memphis College of Art TN
Middle Tennessee State University TN
Milligan College TN
Rhodes College TN
Sewanee-University of the South TN
South College TN
Southern Adventist University TN
Tennessee Technological University TN
Tennessee Wesleyan College TN
Trevecca Nazarene University TN
Tusculum College TN
Union University TN
University of Memphis TN
University of Tennessee-Martin TN
Victory University TN
Watkins College of Art, Design & Film TN
Welch College TN
Abilene Christian University TX
Amberton University TX
Angelo State University TX
Art Institute of Houston TX
Austin College TX
Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary TX
Baylor University TX
Brazosport College TX
College of Saints John Fisher & Thomas More TX
Concordia University Texas TX
Criswell College TX
Dallas Baptist University TX
Dallas Christian College TX
East Texas Baptist University TX
Hardin-Simmons University TX
Houston Baptist University TX
Howard Payne University TX
Huston-Tillotson University TX
Jarvis Christian College TX
Lamar University TX
LeTourneau University TX
Lubbock Christian University TX
McMurry University TX
Midland College TX
Midwestern State University TX
Our Lady of the Lake University TX
Parker University TX
Prairie View A&M University TX
Sam Houston State University TX
Schreiner University TX
South Texas College TX
Southern Methodist University TX
Southwestern Adventist University TX
Southwestern Assemblies of God University TX
Southwestern Christian College TX
Southwestern University TX
St. Edward's University TX
St. Mary's University of San Antonio TX
Stephen F. Austin State University TX
Sul Ross State University TX
Tarleton State University TX
Texas A&M International University TX
Texas A&M University-Commerce TX
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi TX
Texas A&M University-Galveston TX
Texas A&M University-Kingsville TX
Texas A&M University-Texarkana TX
Texas Christian University TX
Texas Lutheran University TX
Texas Southern University TX
Texas State University TX
Texas Tech University TX
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center TX
Texas Wesleyan University TX
Texas Woman's University TX
Trinity University TX
University of Dallas TX
University of Houston TX
University of Houston-Clear Lake TX
University of Houston-Downtown TX
University of Houston-Victoria TX
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor TX
University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston TX
University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio TX
University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston TX
University of Texas of the Permian Basin TX
University of Texas-Arlington TX
University of Texas-Brownsville TX
University of Texas-Dallas TX
University of Texas-El Paso TX
University of Texas-Pan American TX
University of Texas-San Antonio TX
University of Texas-Tyler TX
University of the Incarnate Word TX
Wayland Baptist University TX
West Texas A&M University TX
Dixie State College of Utah UT
Southern Utah University UT
University of Utah UT
Utah State University UT
Utah Valley University UT
Weber State University UT
Western Governors University UT
Westminster College UT
Averett University VA
Bluefield College VA
Bridgewater College VA
Christendom College VA
Christopher Newport University VA
College of William and Mary VA
Eastern Mennonite University VA
ECPI University VA
Emory and Henry College VA
Ferrum College VA
Hampden-Sydney College VA
Hollins University VA
Longwood University VA
Lynchburg College VA
Mary Baldwin College VA
Marymount University VA
Norfolk State University VA
Old Dominion University VA
Radford University VA
Randolph College VA
Randolph-Macon College VA
Regent University VA
Roanoke College VA
Shenandoah University VA
Sweet Briar College VA
University of Mary Washington VA
University of Richmond VA
University of Virginia-Wise VA
Virginia Intermont College VA
Virginia Military Institute VA
Virginia Wesleyan College VA
Washington and Lee University VA
University of the Virgin Islands VI
Bennington College VT
Burlington College VT
Castleton State College VT
Champlain College VT
College of St. Joseph VT
Goddard College VT
Green Mountain College VT
Johnson State College VT
Lyndon State College VT
Marlboro College VT
Middlebury College VT
Norwich University VT
Southern Vermont College VT
St. Michael's College VT
Sterling College VT
University of Vermont VT
Vermont Technical College VT
Art Institute of Seattle WA
Bastyr University WA
Bellevue College WA
Central Washington University WA
City University of Seattle WA
Cornish College of the Arts WA
Eastern Washington University WA
Evergreen State College WA
Gonzaga University WA
Heritage University WA
Northwest University WA
Olympic College WA
Pacific Lutheran University WA
Peninsula College WA
Seattle Pacific University WA
Seattle University WA
South Seattle Community College WA
St. Martin's University WA
Trinity Lutheran College WA
University of Puget Sound WA
Walla Walla University WA
Washington State University WA
Western Washington University WA
Whitman College WA
Whitworth University WA
Alverno College WI
Bellin College WI
Beloit College WI
Cardinal Stritch University WI
Carroll University WI
Carthage College WI
Columbia College of Nursing WI
Concordia University Wisconsin WI
Edgewood College WI
Herzing University WI
Lakeland College WI
Maranatha Baptist Bible College WI
Marian University WI
Marquette University WI
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design WI
Milwaukee School of Engineering WI
Mount Mary University WI
Northland College WI
Ripon College WI
Silver Lake College WI
St. Norbert College WI
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire WI
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay WI
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse WI
University of Wisconsin-Madison WI
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee WI
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh WI
University of Wisconsin-Parkside WI
University of Wisconsin-Platteville WI
University of Wisconsin-River Falls WI
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point WI
University of Wisconsin-Stout WI
University of Wisconsin-Superior WI
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater WI
Viterbo University WI
Wisconsin Lutheran College WI
Alderson Broaddus University WV
American Public University System WV
Appalachian Bible College WV
Bethany College WV
Bluefield State College WV
Concord University WV
Davis and Elkins College WV
Fairmont State University WV
Glenville State College WV
Marshall University WV
Ohio Valley University WV
Salem International University WV
Shepherd University WV
University of Charleston WV
West Liberty University WV
West Virginia University WV
West Virginia University Institute of Technology WV
West Virginia University-Parkersburg WV
West Virginia Wesleyan College WV
Wheeling Jesuit University WV
Wyoming Catholic College WY
University of Wyoming WY

For the purposes of this table, "mainstream" quiz bowl includes NAQT and ACF tournaments and housewrites. Participation in HCASC, College Bowl, or conventional quiz bowl not intended for college audiences (e.g. IS sets) would fall under the category of "any".