Clark Smith

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Clark Smith
Noted subjects Literature, Social Sciences, Fine Arts
Current college Ohio State (2018-)
High school Dublin Scioto (2014-2018)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Clark Smith is a player for Ohio State. In high school, he played for Dublin Scioto, which he led to a second-place finish at the 2018 NSC. Despite only graduating high school in 2018, he has played for Ohio State as a dual-enrolled student since the 2016-2017 season. In addition to being a highly-regarded player, he is widely regarded as one of the best active writers and editors in quizbowl.

Playing Career

High School

Clark attended Dublin Scioto High School, where he served as a second-scorer in his freshman and sophomore years before having a breakout junior season, leading Scioto to fifth at the 2017 NSC and finishing second in individual scoring (behind Jakob Myers). As a dual-enrolled student at Ohio State, he opted not to play that year's HSNCT, and instead played in Division II of the 2017 ICT, leading Ohio State to a third place finish. He was also the leading scorer on the Ohio A team which finished seventh at the 2017 NASAT.

In 2018, Clark continued to improve. He led the field in scoring at the 2018 NSC with 150 PPG, scoring 92 powers in twenty rounds of play, en route to a second-place finish for Scioto (behind Thomas Jefferson A). He again opted to play ICT instead of HSNCT, this time serving as second scorer to Chris Ray on the Ohio State team which placed seventh in Division I. He was again the leading scorer on that year's Ohio NASAT team which finished second behind Illinois A. Clark was the recipient of several accolades following the 2018 season: he was voted #1 in that year's high school player poll, as well as #19 in the collegiate player poll. He was also named a member of the HSQBRank 2018 All-World First Team.


Throughout college, Clark has continued to serve as second-scorer to Ray (occasionally outscoring him at some events), and has been consistently ranked among the top ten active players. In 2019, he teamed with Auroni Gupta, Adam S. Fine, and Jakob Myers on a team which won that year's Chicago Open. In 2022, he achieved his best nationals result, with Ohio State placing third at ACF Nationals.

Writing and Editing

Clark is widely regarded as one of the best active writers and editors in quizbowl. Among his many contributions, he has served as an editor for various iterations of PACE NSC, NASAT, and ACF Fall, as well as numerous one-off high school and collegiate sets. His major writing and editing contributions are listed below (sets that appear in bold were head edited by Clark):

High School Sets

Collegiate Sets

Scoring Title Succession

NSC Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Jakob Myers
Ethan Strombeck