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Kirksville Tigers
Kirksville, MO
Coaches Rich Chapman
State Championships 2010 MSHSAA Class 4
Program Status Active
School Size 601[1]
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Kirksville is a public high school located in Kirksville, Missouri. The school historically competed in MSHSAA Class 4, but was moved to Class 5 after the 2021 realignment.

The school has advanced to several MSHSAA State tournaments, placing second in Class 4 in 1997 and 2008 and winning its first state title in Class 4 in 2010.

Kirksville was registered to attend the 2010 and 2014 NAQT Missouri Qualifiers but in both cases was forced to drop the day before due to forecasted winter weather. Kirksville was finally able to attend its first NAQT Missouri Qualifier in 2024 after their conference tournament was moved to the previous weekend.

Kirksville emerged as a state powerhouse from around 2019 to 2021. Led by Fred Garvey and Donal Ryan, the team won or came close to winning many tournaments with statewide fields. The team placed 3rd at the 2021 MSHSAA State Championship after a close loss to Ladue in the semifinals.

Kirksville hosted its first Kirksville Tournament on the Minnesota Novice set on February 18, 2012 and served as the Northeast host of the MOQBA Winter Invitational in 2013 and 2014. Both of these tournaments were directed by assistant coach Jacob O'Rourke, who helped coach the team during his last two years of undergrad.

2021 Players

Notable Alumni

Competition Results


Tournament Host Location Finish Team Members Statistics
Tiger Bowl V Missouri A Team (10th), B Team (24th), C Team (31st) A Team (Mason Herleth, Steven Wilhelm, David Mandell, Liz Goggin); B Team (Russell Clark, Noah Kruger, Christian Polovich, Tyler Hanson); C Team (Aaron Krusniak, Parker Peterson, Tucker Peterson, Kristen Pagliai, Micha Krueger) Prelims Playoffs Combined
MOQBA Winter Invitational-Kirksville Kirksville A Team (1st), B Team (Tied-13th), C Team (9th) A Team (Mason Herleth, Steven Wilhelm, Russell Clark, Abby Martin, Liz Goggin); B Team (Noah Kruger, Alicia Hunsaker, Gigi Presley, Kaydee Belanger); C Team (Matthew Jackson, Tyler Findling, Tucker Peterson, Riley Lee, and Faith Howard) Prelims Playoffs Combined
Truman Bowl IV Truman State Black (3rd), Orange (5th) Black (Steven Wilhelm, Abby Martin, Riley Lee, Jillian Danto); Orange (Jordyn Kamil, Tucker Peterson, Parker Peterson, Tyler Findling, David Mandel) All Games


Tournament Host Location Finish Team Members Statistics
Rock Bridge's Winter Invitational Rock Bridge A Team (4th), B Team (9th) A Team (Emily Pollard, Lara Krusniak, Michael Doman, Mason Herleth); B Team (David Mandel, Emily Harrison, Rachel Smith, Tim Middlemas) Combined
Kirksville Invitational Kirksville A Team (1st); B Team (3rd); C Team (5th) A Team (Mason Herleth, Emily Pollard, Lara Krusniak, Tim Middlemas); B Team (David Mandel, Rachel Smith, Sam Hatala, Emily Harrison); C Team (Steven Wilhelm, Abby Martin, Liz Goggin, Koby Bird) Stats
Truman Bowl III Truman State A Team (2nd); B Team (3rd) A Team (Lara Krusniak, Emily Harrison, David Mandel); B Team (Aaron Krusniak, Abby Martin) Complete Stats
MACA JV State Rock Bridge 7th Steven Wilhelm, Russell Clark, Abby Martin, Liz Goggin, Elsa Snider, Aaron Krusniak, Kaydee Belinger, Noah Krueger Overall

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