Libo Zeng

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Libo Zeng
Noted subjects Negging, History, Physics
Past colleges Michigan (2009–2013), University of Washington (2013–2014)
High school Troy (2007–2009)
HSQB profile Ringil
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Libo Patrick Zeng played quizbowl at Michigan and then briefly at University of Washington. He's known for negging himself to defeat.

High school

In an amusing incident, Libo's attempt to join quizbowl in his sophomore year of high school was stymied because he couldn't find the meeting room. He then proceeded to not join until his junior year.


Libo built up his reputation for negging. His greatest buzz may have been at 2011 Chicago Open against Seth Teitler's team when he powered Boleslaw the Brave to allow his team to win by 5 points. His main contribution to the Michigan team's 2013 attempt at a national title was to neg less, but old habits die hard and he started negging like crazy again as the playoffs went on to the detriment of his team.