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Quizzing U About Real Knowledge
Competition season 2012-13
School(s) Michigan
Head editor(s)
Difficulty College regular+
First mirror September 15, 2012
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QUARK (Quizzing U About Real Knowledge), was a tournament house-written by the University of Michigan for use during the fall of 2012. It was intended to be at "slightly above regular difficulty," and allowed regional tournament directors to allow or disallow open teams on a site-by-site basis. Though the regulation packets themselves had no trash questions in them, each packet had a 0th tossup on a pop culture topic to be played for fun before the round began.


Region Host Date Winner Runner-up Stats
Northwest Washington September 15, 2012 Mike Bentley and Carolyn Chris, Evan, and Nate Stats
Midwest Michigan September 29, 2012 Illinois Skadi Doesn't Know (Rob Carson, Bernadette Spencer, and Gautam Kandlikar) Stats
Lower Midwest Truman State September 29, 2012 WUSTL Battle Hymn of the Tamil Tiger Mother (Max Schindler, Ben Zhang, Kisan Thakkar, and Michael Prablek) Stats
Southeast Alabama October 13, 2012 Billy Beyer Tie: Alabama A and Auburn A Stats
Mid-Atlantic George Washington November 10, 2012 Penn A Virginia A Stats
Northeast Brown December 1, 2012 Yale Up NYU Top Stats

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