2013 Chicago Open

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2013 Chicago Open
Edited by Matt Bollinger with Kevin Koai, Dennis Loo, Sriram Pendyala, Sinan Ulusoy, Libo Zeng
Champion Audubon Has No Speed Limit
Runner-up The Wrong Side of Unstable
Third Island of Misfit Quizbowlers
Fourth The Magin School Busse
High scorer Will Nediger, Only Built 4 Common Linx
Site Chicago
Field 17
Stats Main Event Stats

The 2013 Chicago Open was won by Audubon Has No Speed Limit, consisting of Jeff Hoppes, Selene Koo, John Lawrence, and Seth Teitler, who cleared the field with a 15-1 record.

The tournament was edited by Matt Bollinger, with subject help from Dennis Loo, Sriram Pendyala, Sinan Ulusoy, and Libo Zeng (science), and from Kevin Koai (music). In addition to the submitted packets, the tournament used writing by Matt Jackson, Sarah Angelo, Tommy Casalaspi, Isaac Hirsch, Shan Kothari, Aidan Mehigan, Max Schindler, and Lloyd Sy.

Entry Policy

When it became clear that more than the standard 17 teams were trying to sign up for the tournament, Bollinger inaugurated a policy of opening spots for the first 17 teams to submit packets [1], rather than the traditional method of accepting the first 17 teams to sign up. Some people argued about this on forums.

Tournament results

Island of Misfit Quizbowlers (Doug Graebner, Eric Mukherjee, Marshall Steinbaum, and Matt Weiner) won their first ten rounds to lead the tournament, before going 3-3 and ending in a four-way tie for second place. The winning team, Audubon Has No Speed Limit, lost in Round 9 to Fiends (Trevor Davis, Andrew Hart, Mike Sorice, and Andrew Ullsperger) but won all their other games.

Audubon Has No Speed Limit led the tournament in powers (47), while Island of Misfit Quizbowlers led the tournament in points-per-bonus (18.47). An all-British team entered the tournament and finished last.

Individual results

The top three scorers were Will Nediger (43.75 ppg), Eric Mukherjee, and Jonathan Magin. The 4th- through 6th-highest scorers were from the winning team, Audubon Has No Speed Limit (Hoppes, Lawrence, and Teitler). Jonathan Magin led the tournament with 20 powers. Chris Ray led the tournament with 27 negs.

Side events

Question reception

Most forum discussion of the questions was about difficulty levels of specific answers, which means that the tournament was a success.

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