Missiles of October

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Missiles of October
Competition season 2011-12
School(s) Michigan, Virginia
Head editor(s)
Difficulty College regular
First mirror October 1, 2011
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Missiles of October, or MOO, was a regular-difficulty, non-packet-sub college tournament written by UVA and Michigan for use in October 2011. It consisted of fourteen power-marked packets.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Lower Midwest Rock Bridge HS October 1, 2011 Charlie Dees WUSTL A Illinois Charles Hang Stats
Southeast Georgia Tech October 1, 2011 Will Butler Alabama A Georgia Tech Jake Sundberg Stats
Mid-Atlantic Virginia October 8, 2011 Sarah Angelo Maryland A William and Mary Chris Ray Stats
Midwest Michigan October 8, 2011 Libo Zeng Ryan Westbrook
and Matt Lafer
Ohio State A Will Nediger Stats
Northeast Harvard October 8, 2011 Dallas Simons Harvard Yale A Aaron Cohen Stats
West Claremont October 9, 2011 Alex Kohn UCSD A UCSD B Auroni Gupta Stats
Canada McMaster October 15, 2011 Alexander Poon McMaster Western Ontario Jordan Palmer Stats
North Minnesota October 15, 2011 Mike Cheyne Minnesota A Rob Carson
and Bernadette Spencer
Rob Carson Stats
Northwest Washington October 22, 2011 Mike Bentley Alejandro Lopez-Lago et al Mike Bentley et al Mike Bentley Stats

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