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The Missouri Academic Coaches Association sponsors an annual JV State tournament for novice teams, usually hosted in the central part of the state.


For many years, the tournament was run in a five-period format:

  1. 15 tossups worth 10 points each
  2. Lightning Round (10 questions, 1 min.; 20 point bonus if all 10 are correct; rebound at end of minute)
  3. 5 tossups with bonus (use tossups 16-40 until all 5 bonus questions have been used)
  4. worksheet (20 questions)
  5. remaining tossups worth 20 points (up to 20 tossups if only 5 were used in the 3rd period)

The 2012 tournament was to be written by members of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance, and feature two halves of 10 tossups with 3 part rebounding bonuses, with a period of directed response questions in between. Unfortunately, the questions were never completed and the tournament instead used a standard 20 tossup/bonus format with rebounding bonuses provided by Olympia Academic Competition Questions.

The 2013 tournament again used Olympia questions, except with a worksheet round between the two halves.

In 2014, the tournament returned to the standard 20 tossup/bonus format without the worksheet.


Player eligibility for the tournament has been a regular source of controversy. Until recently, the standard was non-seniors who do not regularly play on the Varsity team, which is vague enough that some schools occasionally brought players that others would consider to be Varsity players.

The 2014 edition adopted an eligibility rule that any freshman or sophomore may play but no juniors or seniors may play, which has been used since.


The tournament was probably hosted before 2004, but no results predating the Missouri Quizbowl Message Board or MACA website are readily available.

In years where the small schools are listed with an "overall" placement, the tournament featured a combined field but the top small schools in the combined field were formally recognized.

Year Large School
(or combined field)
Small School Question Provider Host Site
Champion Runner-Up Champion Runner-Up
2004 Kirksville? Truman? single division? Triple Q Questions Rock Bridge?
2005 Savannah Parkway Central single division Triple Q Questions Rock Bridge?
2006 Savannah Kirksville single division unknown Marshall
2007 Kirksville Liberty Savannah unknown unknown Marshall
2008 Lee's Summit North Savannah single division Show-Me Questions Marshall
2009 Rock Bridge Fort Zumwalt West Barstow Salem Show-Me Questions Marshall
2010 Kirksville Helias Savannah College Heights Show-Me Questions Helias
2011 unknown unknown unknown unknown probably Show-Me Helias
2012 SLUH Rock Bridge Hallsville Richland Olympia Rock Bridge
2013 Rock Bridge Helias single division Olympia Helias
2014 Hannibal Hickman Hallsville
(5th overall)
(7th overall)
Olympia Rock Bridge
2015 Washington A Washington B Hallsville
(9th overall)
(13th overall)
Olympia Helias
2016 Washington A Kirksville A Hallsville
(t-3rd overall)
(t-7th overall)
Olympia Helias
2017 Hallsville Washington Hallsville
(overall champion)
(5th overall)
Olympia Helias
2018 Washington A Hickman Hallsville A
(3rd overall)
(5th overall)
Olympia Helias
2019 Washington A Hallsville A Hallsville A
(2nd overall)
Hallsville B
(6th overall)
FONS Helias
2020 Washington A CIS A Hallsville A
(3rd overall)
Hallsville B
(8th overall)
SCOP Helias