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MKULTRA is an open tournament first held in 2015 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Conceived by Emma Laslett, MKULTRA is characterised by its greater emphasis on popular culture compared to most quizbowl tournaments, being given a similar weighting in the distribution to more 'classic' quizbowl subjects such as science, history and literature. Originally hosted at York House in Milton Keynes, the tournament has been held annually since its inception, albeit with a break from 2020-22. MKULTRA returned for its sixth edition in 2023, having moved to larger premises at Denbigh School, with 26 teams in attendance.


Year Champions Runners-up Editors Teams Stats
2015 A Dense Ecstasy of Hate: Ian Bayley, Hugh Binnie, Tristram Cole, Joey Goldman Pericardium: Toby Cox, Mark Grant, Jon Jacob, Kathryn Johnson, Iain Thoms George Corfield, Edmund Dickinson, David Knapp, Emma Laslett, Ewan MacAulay 14 Stats
2016 T-Rex Push Ups: George Corfield, Henry Edwards, Joey Goldman, Ewan MacAulay Expediency Discernment Council: Hugh Binnie, Oliver Clarke, Charlie Clegg, Daoud Jackson Emma Laslett, ? 14 Stats
2017 Flip Flop Aqua Doggos: George Corfield, Henry Edwards, Joey Goldman, Jonathan Magin EQuizzers in the Hands of an Angry Mod: Hugh Binnie, Charlie Clegg, Joe Rolleston, Nikhil Venkatesh Evan Lynch, Emma Laslett, Edmund Dickinson, David Knapp, Daoud Jackson, Pietro Aronica, Francis Clark-Murray, Tom Hill, Ben Salter, Alex Bubb, James Leahy, Chris Stern, Oliver Clarke 14 Stats
2018 The Four People You Meet At Quiz Tournaments: George Charlson, Evan Lynch, Sasha Mottaghi Taromsari, Chris Savory Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp: George Corfield, Daoud Jackson, Afham Raoof, Ellie Warner Emma Laslett, Ewan MacAulay, Joey Goldman, Ben Salter, Oliver Clarke 14 Stats
2019 Cambridge C: Vitalijs Brejevs, Dani Cugini, Joseph Krol, Evan Lynch Four People: George Charlson, Joey goldman, Sasha Mottaghi Taromsari, Chris Savory Matt Booth, James Carrigy, George Corfield, Jonathan Elliot, Alexandra Hardwick, Daoud Jackson, Ronny Jackson, Emma Laslett, Brandon Blackwell, Ellie Warner 14 Stats
2023 CRABS: Thomas De Bock, Alexandra Hardwick, Joe Middleton-Welling, Jeremy Sontchi Old London Town: Ben Beardsley, Max Espensen, Marianne Fairthorne, Andrew Frazer, Sam Hastings, Will Rogers Pietro Aronica, Matt Booth, Rachel Clark, Zach Foster, Ronny Jackson, Emma Laslett, Aidan Linge, Evan Lynch, Ewan MacAulay, Josh McCune, Tya Raikundalia, Martel Reynolds 26 Stats