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Some Tournament Initiative Maryland is Pursuing with Yale
Competition season 2014-15
School(s) Maryland, Yale
Head editor(s) Chris Manners
Difficulty College regular
First mirror March 14, 2015
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STIMPY (Some Tournament Initiative Maryland is Pursuing with Yale) was a collegiate regular difficulty tournament edited by members of the Maryland and Yale teams for spring 2015. The tournament was head edited by Chris Manners, who was assisted by Jacob Reed, Grace Liu, Jordan Brownstein, Dan Puma, Brian McPeak, and Sohan Vartak. The tournament was mirrored around the country (and in Canada) at eight different sites, and also online.

The tournament used a slightly experimental arts distribution, in which the 3/3 were divided up as "visual," "auditory," and "other," rather than the usual "painting," "classical music," "other" split. This distribution was then adopted for 2016's MYSTERIUM, the 2018 Chicago Open, and BHSAT from 2015 onward.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
South Louisiana Tech March 14, 2015 Nick Collins Rice Louisiana-Lafayette Nick Collins Stats
Mid-Atlantic Maryland March 14, 2015 Dan Puma Virginia Penn Matt Bollinger Stats
Western Midwest Illinois March 14, 2015 Andrew Wang Chicago A Michigan A Richard Yu Stats
Canada McMaster March 21, 2015 Leslie Newcombe Ottawa Tie: [REDACTED] (Adam Swift, Jay Misuk, Marco Handa, and Shuying Zheng) and Watashi wa oyogimasu~! (Aayush Rajasekaran, Arjun Sondhi, and Kira Vimal) Jordan Palmer Stats
Mid-South Louisville April 4, 2015 Ramapriya Rangaraju Western Kentucky Kentucky A Alex Malone Stats
Northeast Yale April 4, 2015 Jacob Reed Columbia MIT A Will Alston Stats
Eastern Midwest Kenyon April 11, 2015 Gabe Brison-Tresize Carnegie Mellon Wright State A Lane Yates Stats
Online Maryland April 11, 2015 Maryland Sethlene + Gautam Stanford Seth Teitler Stats
West Caltech April 25, 2015 Eric Bobrow Berkeley + Friends (Aseem Keyal, Klaus Fuchs, and Rahul Keyal) La Jolla A Aseem Keyal Stats

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