2000 HSNCT

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Champion State College
Runner-up Governor's School
Third Eleanor Roosevelt
Fourth Eisenhower
High scorer Kevin Roth, Eisenhower
Site Georgia Tech

The 2000 High School National Championship was won by State College Area High School, consisting of Susannah Burrows, Martin Deveoka, Niyum Gandhi, Jacob Mikanowski, and Mudhury Ray. The tournament was held at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. The field had 52 teams.


Initially, the field was divided into two arbitrary divisions, each team played eight matches against randomly assigned opponents within their divisions. Teams were ranked within each division, and the top 8 by record in each division moved on to the playoffs. Ties to join the playoff bracket were broken by a series of 10-tossup mini-games.

Teams that did not make the playoffs played two additional matches within a bracket of four teams for final placement (e.g. the seventh place team in each division played the eighth place team in the other division, and the winners of those games played each other for 13th place while the losers played for 15th).

The top 16 played a double elimination playoff, with initial seeding based on the top seed from one pool opened against the lowest seed from the other pool. Except for the top three teams, as teams were eliminated, they played a third additional match to determine final placement.

Tournament results

In the playoffs, State College won its first four games to lock up a place in the championship. The Governor's School had lost in the third round to Eisenhower, but played back, defeating Riverdale, Walton, and Eleanor Roosevelt to qualify for the finals.

With a loss against them, the Governor's School defeated the well rested State College team 430-395. The final match saw State College come back with an authoritative 625-170 victory to take the championship.

Eleanor Roosevelt placed third by virtue of being the last team to reach two losses. Eisenhower defeated Walton 545-190 to claim fourth place.

Final placing of the 16 playoff teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. State College 9. Detroit Catholic Central
2. Governor's School 10. Aiken
3. Eleanor Roosevelt 11. Westminster
4. Eisenhower 12. Edison
5. Walton 13. Hylton
6. Riverdale 14. Georgetown Day
7. Brookwood 15. Cistercian
8. Duluth 16. Livonia Churchill

Individual Results

The following ten players comprised the All-Star Team, based on points-per-23-TU-Heard:

Rank Player Team Rank Player Team
1. Kevin Roth Eisenhower 6. Maurice Shelton Woodward
2. Jacob Mikanowski State College 7. David Hill Indian Springs
3. Robert Sutton Duluth 8. Saurabh Vishnubhakat Parkview
4. Vinita Kailasanath Eleanor Roosevelt 9. The Talented Mr. Weiner Governor's School
5. David James Aiken 10. Robert Flaxman Columbia

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