Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament (tournament)

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LIST, or the Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament is an annual tournament held by Ladue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis, Missouri. The tournament is usually held in late March–early April, giving the tournament its name.

The first LIST was held on April 2nd, 2011 and was directed and head-edited by Max Schindler. Clayton A won, followed by Jefferson City A. The top scorer was Sam Haynes from Jefferson City. It has been held every year since, apart from 2016 (presumably from a lack of interest) and 2020 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Out of every tournament hosted, five (2011–14 and 2017) featured a housewrite set of the same name.

The tournament was the first ever "good quizbowl" event house-written by a high school in Missouri, and was well received. [1]


Tournament Date Champion Second Third Field size Question set Results
2011 April 2nd Clayton A Jefferson City A Rock Bridge 18 LIST I Prelims Playoffs Combined
2012 March 31st Rock Bridge A Clayton A Savannah A 26 LIST II Prelims Playoffs Superplayoffs Combined
2013 March 30th Hickman A Hallsville B Clayton A 30 LIST III Prelims Playoffs Superplayoffs Combined
2014 April 5th Hallsville A Oakville Rock Bridge A 28 LIST IV Prelims Playoffs Superplayoffs Combined
2015 April 11th Hannibal Orchard Farm A Helias 12 VTACO Prelims Playoffs Combined
2017 April 1st Washington A MICDS Carbondale A 22 LIST VI Prelims Playoffs Playoffs+Superplayoffs Combined
2018 April 7th Carbondale A Louisiana Helias A 20 FACTS Prelims Playoffs Superplayoffs Combined
2019 March 30th Louisiana Washington A St. Louis Patriots 14 CAST Prelims Playoffs Combined
2021 April 3rd Beavercreek Detroit Country Day Detroit Catholic Central A 20 Saturnalia Results

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