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This project is meant to organize future edits to the Main Page and its components.


Main page: Main Page/Header

Welcome to QBWiki,
a compendium of information on Quizbowl.
Featuring 5,353 articles on tournaments, players, sets, and theory.

The header contains the name of the wiki. The right box contains a list of main pages for various "boxes" (like the Intro box, the Rules of the game box, and the Category box) - future boxes should be included here.


Main page: Main Page/Introduction


Quizbowl, or quiz bowl, is the most common name for a team-based competition involving answering knowledge-testing questions with a buzzer. Quizbowl is played at thousands of colleges, high schools, and middle schools across the United States, but competitions exist throughout the world with different names and different formats. In the US, the most common format on the national high school and college level is a two-team competition in which the teams compete to buzz in on tossup questions and then collaborate on bonus questions.

The most important organizations in quizbowl are ACF (at the collegiate level), PACE (at the high school level), and NAQT (at the collegiate, high school, and middle school levels). Much quizbowl community activity occurs at hsquizbowl.org, which is hosted by the Quizbowl Resource Center. Also check out our pages on quizbowl software, buzzer sets, and outreach to new schools and players.

This section is directly transcluded from the "Quizbowl" page.

Getting started

Main page: Main Page/Getting started

Getting started as a collegiate team

ACF Fall
October 14, 2023
ACF Winter
November 11, 2023
ACF Regionals
January 27, 2024
ACF Nationals
April 20, 2024

This section is intended to center pages which are important to new players. The goal to is point to comprehensive guides for getting started, as well as the ACF tournaments as the flagship (collegiate) tournaments.

Primary goals right now are to create the linked guides and to consider what information should be put in this section.

Quick Links

Main page: Main Page/Quick Links

Quick Links

Find information about a club or team

Quizbowl History

How-to's and guides

  • Let past players teach you how-to learn science or run a club
  • Peruse various documents written by the community


The "Quick links" section is managed at QBWiki:Quick links.

Tournament results and info

Main page: Main Page/Tournament results and info

Recent tournament results

No recent results

Historical tournament info



The goal of the "Recent tournament results" box is to have at-a-glance information about recent tournaments. Emphasis should be on tournaments which are most likely to be relevant: major priority are on nationals, which are given top billing, then regional tournaments. Novice tournaments are occasionally included, but there is less immediate need for that. The "Historical tournament info" is intended to provide useful resources about past tournaments - as of right now, none are as fleshed out as one would want.

The "Recent tournament results" section is managed at QBWiki:Recent tournament results.

Featured picture

Main page: Main Page/Featured picture

Featured picture

The pictures featured in this slot are organized at QBWiki:Featured picture.

Improving QBWiki

Main page: Main Page/Improving QBWiki

Improving the QBWiki

Only logged-in users can edit pages. You can use this form to request an account. Please direct any questions to Jonah Greenthal.

You can help improve the QBWiki by…

  • making sure that articles on topics you know firsthand are informative and updated,
  • creating an article on an important topic or person that does not already have an article (join the Missing Articles WikiProject to help find needed pages), and
  • expanding short articles (see here)

When editing the QBWiki, please follow the rules.

The QBWiki uses wikitext for formatting. If you are unfamiliar with reading and writing wikitext, read this guide for reference.