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quizbowlpackets.com (or simply the archive) is the primary repository for quizbowl packets and question sets on the Internet. It was started by Chris Carter in 2008 or so, and migrated to the hsquizbowl.org server and integrated with the Quizbowl Resource Database in September 2012, where it is now managed by Jeffrey Hill. The archive is updated when the editor of a recently cleared set uploads the set through the Quizbowl Resource Database and Will approves the set for public consumption.

In 2014, a new "Trash" section was added to the archive to store trash packets, deprecating the old Wastebin archive.

Since mid-2019, all high school question sets since 2012 are now tagged with a difficulty tag from one (1, easiest) to five (5, most difficult) based on the relative performance of teams at tournaments played on those sets, with an asterisk indicating that there was not enough data.

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