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Back to Answers Rewarding General Edification
Competition season 2011-12
Head editor(s) Chris Ray
Difficulty College regular+
First mirror January 14, 2012
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BARGE (Back to Answers Rewarding General Edification) was an open tournament head-edited entirely by Chris Ray during January 2012 [1]. Chris conceived of BARGE as an open with accessible answers and gettable questions for the entire collegiate audience at a difficulty between ACF Regionals and ACF Nationals; he also reserved the right to veto superteams above a given skill level.

BARGE was hosted at Maryland, Yale, Mizzou, Illinois, Bellarmine and UGA.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Mid-Atlantic Maryland January 14, 2012 Chris Ray Jonathan Magin, Raynell Cooper, Arun Chonai, and Daniel Hothem Harvard + Bruce Arthur Jonathan Magin Stats
Northeast Yale January 14, 2012 none Yale A two teams tied at 6-4 Neil Gurram Stats
Lower Midwest Missouri January 15, 2012 ? "Jeremy Gibbs Crater" (Chicago) ? Charlie Dees Stats
Midwest Illinois January 21, 2012 Charles Martin Michigan Illinois Ike Jose Stats
Niagara Buffalo January 21, 2012 Zach Pace Matt Hayes et al. McMaster Jay Stats
West Bellarmine January 21, 2012 ? Jeff Hoppes, Larissa Kelly, Bruce Lin Bellarmine Jeff Hoppes Stats
Southeast Cedar Shoals HS (relocated from Georgia) January 28, 2012 Wes Austin Georgia Tech A Steven, Bryn Reinecke, and Eric Douglass Billy Beyer Stats

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