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The Cambridge Open (or sometimes CamO) was an annual open quizbowl tournament written and hosted by the quiz society at the University of Cambridge which ran from 2017 to 2020, after which it was succeeded by the Cambridge and Oxford Open. The tournament usually featured packets consisting of shorter, powermarked NAQT-style tossups, in contrast to the longer and power-less questions seen in the Oxford Open. Difficulty was targeted at 3 dots or slightly harder.


Primary site results (Cambridge)
Year Champions Runners-up Top individual scorer Stats
2017 Old London Town: Oliver Clarke, Andrew Frazer, Joey Goldman, Paul Steeples Forge Masters: Hugh Binnie, Jonathan Elliot, Daoud Jackson, Theo Tindall Joey Goldman Stats
2018 Old London Town: Sarah Binney, Andrew Frazer, Evan Lynch, Brian Wright Oxford A: George Charlson, Daoud Jackson, Alex Peplow, Chris Stern Evan Lynch Stats
2019 Here Comes The Metric System: Hugh Binnie, Joey Goldman, Oliver Sweetenham, Ellie Warner Oxford A: George Charlson, Claire Jones, Alex Peplow, Jacob Robertson, Leonie Woodland Daoud Jackson Stats
2020 Wuhan Dreads Years of Solitude: George Charlson, Claire Jones, Evan Lynch, Alex Peplow TPIONITMOSQ: Charlie Bowen, Jonathan Gibson, Ewan MacAulay, Oliver Sweetenham Joey Goldman Stats