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The Cambridge and Oxford Open Tournament (or COOT) is an open quizbowl tournament jointly written by the quiz societies of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. First held in 2021, it is a successor to the Oxford Open and Cambridge Open tournaments formerly held by the individual universities.


Year Champion Second Third Head editor(s) Teams
2021 Reverse Beatles: Will Alston, Taylor Harvey, Jonathan Settle, Mike Bentley Horse Girl, Golfer, Both, or Neither: Evan Lynch, George Charlson, Claire Jones, Frances Clark-Murray Broken Hearts: Mark Grant, Ian Bayley, Tris Cole, Olav Bjortomt Joseph Krol & Oli Clarke 28
2023 Chicago A: Matt Jackson, Ned Tagtmeier, Vivek Sasse, Claire Jones Golfers, Non-Golfers, Both, Neither: Evan Lynch, Alex Peplow, George Charlson, Afham Raoof Hornets' Rest: Joey Goldman, Daoud Jackson, Frances Clark-Murray, Chris Stern Joseph Krol & Oli Clarke 24