Peaceful Resolution

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Peaceful Resolution
The Peaceful Resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Competition season 2011-12
School(s) Chicago
Head editor(s) Ike Jose, Marshall Steinbaum
Difficulty College nationals prep
First mirror March 3, 2012
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Packets link

The Peaceful Resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis was an open tournament produced in the spring of 2012 by the Chicago team, with help from Ike Jose and Gautam Kandlikar. It was head-edited by Ike and Marshall Steinbaum. In addition to the main site ate Chicago, Peaceful Resolution was mirrored at George Mason and Harvard.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Midwest Chicago March 3, 2012 Matt Menard Greg Peterson, Seth Teitler, and Selene Koo Mike Bentley, Mike Cheyne, Jerry Vinokurov, and Matt Hayes Mike Sorice Stats
Mid-Atlantic George Mason March 3, 2012 Ben Cole Virginia Maryland A Matt Bollinger Stats
Northeast Harvard March 3, 2012 Dallas Simons Brown unclear Stephen Liu Stats

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