Pre-Nationals Tournament

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The Pre-Nationals Tournament is a high school tournament originally coordinated by the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance and held at the University of Missouri. Starting in 2013, the tournament was hosted by Missouri high schools. There was no Pre-Nationals tournament at the end of the 2014 season.

Year Location Set # of Teams Champion Second Third
2010 Missouri Ben Cooper Memorial Tournament 6 North Kansas City Rock Bridge Parkway Central
2011 Missouri Prison Bowl 14 Clayton Rock Bridge Jefferson City
2012 Missouri Prison Bowl 12 Ladue Mound City Oakville
2013 Hickman Prison Bowl 8 Hickman A Hallsville B Savannah
2015 Rock Bridge DII SCT 8 Hickman Hannibal Helias
2016 Washington DII SCT 3 Washington A/Hannibal first-place tie not broken Washington B
2017 Rock Bridge SUN 6 Washington A Washington B Helias A

Singles Championship

The MOQBA Singles Championship is a singles tournament held after the Pre-Nationals Tournament at the same location. It is a tossup-only event with no powers or negs.

Year Set # of Players Champion Second Third Fourth
2010 Jan. 2010 TJIAT 15 Grant Gates Dylan Becraft Charlie Fritz Josh Wen
2011 Harvard Fall Tournament 16 Jake Kimmerly Sam Haynes Antonio Perilli Will Alexander
2012 RAVE 12 Ben Zhang Itamar Naveh-Benjamin Michael Menkhus Brandon Daake
2013 Norcross 16 Itamar Naveh-Benjamin Andy Sun Jared Lockwood
2015 Harvard Fall Tournament 12 Parth Parikh Robby Schmidt Alex Harmata Wenzer Qin
2016 Harvard Fall Tournament 6 Parth Parikh Joe Stitz Cole Phinney Jonathan Amlong
2017 Scobol Solo 8 Joe Stitz Alex Donovan "Abe Fortas" Cole Phinney