2014 Chicago Open

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2014 Chicago Open
Champion Yes, Virginia, There Is a Mukherjesus
Runner-up Bach's Magnifisob Accompanied By His Cats
Third Bertrand Muscle
Fourth New Year's Evolution
High scorer Matt Bollinger, Yes, Virginia, There Is a Mukherjesus
Editor/s Andrew Hart with Ike Jose, Gautam Kandlikar, Gaurav Kandlikar, Jacob Reed, Austin Brownlow
Site Chicago
Field 15
Stats staaats

The 2014 Chicago Open was won by Yes, Virginia, There Is a Mukherjesus, consisting of Evan Adams, Matt Bollinger, Tommy Casalaspi, and Eric Mukherjee, who cleared the field with a 14-0 record.

The tournament was head-edited by Andrew Hart and co-edited by Ike Jose (lit, myth, science), Gautaum and Gaurav Kandlikar (bio and chem), Austin Brownlow (physics), and Jacob Reed (music).

Tournament results

The winning team, Yes, Virginia, There Is a Mukherjesus, was players from 2014 Virginia and Eric Mukherjee. They went undefeated and led the field in PPB with 19.42. Their closest game was a five-point win over New Year's Evolution (Mike Cheyne, Sinan Ulusoy, Aaron Rosenberg, and Jordan Brownstein).

The second-place team, Bach's Magnifisob Accompanied By His Cats, was Matt Jackson and John Lawrence of Yale, plus Matt Weiner and Billy Busse. They went 12-2, losing to Yes Virginia and to Jonathan Magin's team.

A team of Canadian players entered this tournament and did not win any games.

Individual results

The top three scorers were Matt Bollinger (60.36 ppg), Jonathan Magin, and Matt Jackson. Jerry Vinokurov led the tournament with 23 negs.

Side events

Question reception

Most forum discussion of the questions was about music questions. Andrew Hart compiled conversion stats on the tossups and bonuses [7].

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