Cane Ridge Revival

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Cane Ridge Revival
Competition season 2013-14
School(s) Chicago, Dartmouth
Head editor(s) John Lawrence
Difficulty College hard
First mirror March 1, 2014
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Cane Ridge Revival was a hard open tournament written by members of the University of Chicago and Dartmouth teams as a "Nationals prep" event for the spring of 2014. It was head-edited by John Lawrence. Among other things, the tournament downplayed geography and current events questions to focus on more contemporary social science, "Modern World" phenomena, and miscellaneous academic "Thought"[1].


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Northeast Penn March 1, 2014 Saajid Moyen UVA Yale Matt Bollinger Stats
Midwest Chicago March 8, 2014 Jonah Greenthal Dees/Hart/Vinokurov/Yu Fuck No (Ike Jose, Matt Lafer, Mike Sorice, and Ryan Westbrook) Aaron Rosenberg Stats
West Berkeley March 9, 2014 Nicholas Karas Washington Berkeley A Vivek Bhave Stats
Canada Waterloo March 16, 2014 Aayush Rajasekaran Michigan Aayush/Aaron/Huma Will Nediger Stats

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