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Competition season 2014-15
Head editor(s) John Lawrence, Matt Bollinger, Auroni Gupta, and Seth Teitler
Difficulty College regular
First mirror October 4, 2014
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PADAWAN was a power-marked regular-difficulty tournament written for use in the fall of 2014. The tossups were produced by a group of young writers working under the guidance of a team of mentors consisting of Matt Bollinger, Auroni Gupta, Seth Teitler, and John Lawrence, with the exception of the geography and current events tossups, which were written by Will Alston. The bonuses were written by the mentors, with additional contributions from Will Alston, Mike Cheyne, Gautam Kandlikar, Matt Jackson, and Cody Voight.

The PADAWANS, listed in alphabetical order, who completed their assignments include Cameron Amini, Sameen Belal, Alston Boyd, Jason Cheng, Nick Collins, Alex Dzurick, Joey Goldman, Caleb Kendrick, Eddie Kim, Emma Laslett, Kay Li, Ewan MacAulay, Rohan Nag, Rohith Nagari, Jacob O'Rourke, Graham Reid, Ryan Rosenberg, Joe Su, Brittany Trang, and Richard Yu. Each PADAWAN contributed 20 tossups of topics of their choice. Unused tossups submitted by PADAWANS will appear as part of future side tournaments.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Lower Midwest Truman State October 4, 2014 Houston Roberts Missouri WUSTL Itamar Naveh-Benjamin Stats
Mid-Atlantic VCU October 4, 2014 Cody Voight Maryland A Penn A Eric Mukherjee Stats
Eastern Midwest Ohio State October 11, 2014 Brittany Trang DCC A Michigan State A Ramapriya Rangaraju Stats
Northeast Brown October 11, 2014 Lloyd Sy Columbia MIT A Jordan Palmer Stats
West UCSD October 11, 2014 Auroni Gupta Arizona State UCLA Hidehiro Anto Stats
Western Midwest Chicago October 11, 2014 John Lawrence Chicago A Michigan A Charlie Dees Stats
Canada Toronto October 18, 2014 Rein Otsason Alberta Tie: Ottawa and Waterloo A Sinan Ulusoy Stats
United Kingdom Oxford October 18, 2014 ? Grand Cabal of Able-Bodied Sedentarians (Andrew Frazer, Chris Savory, Henry Edwards, and George Scratcherd) Genteel Society of Expurgated Hoodlums (Hugh Binnie, Alex Bubb, Andrew Shaw, and Joe Rolleston) Zach Vermeer Stats
Southwest Texas A&M October 25, 2014 Bryce Durgin Texas A&M Texas A Carlo De Guzman Stats

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