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Champion Mike Sorice (Upper) & Kevin Malis (Lower)
Runner-up Ben Cohen (Upper) & Greg Dzuricsko (Lower)
Third Greg Peterson (Upper) & Nolan Winkler (Lower)
Fourth Matt Laird (Upper) & Julia Wang (Lower)
High scorer Mike Sorice (Upper) & Greg Dzuricsko (Lower)
Editor/s Dan Donohue & Jeff Geringer
Site New Trier (Winnetka, IL)

VIOLATEDD, or A Very Intellectual Open Lit Affair Totally Edited by Dan-Don, was a tossups-only literature set written and edited by Dan Donohue and Auburn's Lloyd Sy. Graham Moyer helped edit the set, which also featured questions by Douglas Graebner, Tanay Kothari, and Donald Taylor. It was originally played as a singles event after the conclusion of the 2009 New Trier Varsity tournament, with one division for high school players and one division for everyone else. It was mirrored at a number of sites including Minnesota, as well as Clemson's 2010 Weekend of Quizbowl. All proceeds go directly to Dan Donohue's NSC Fund

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