1987 IHSA State Championship Tournament

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1987 IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:

Quincy Senior High School


Salem High School

The 1987 Illinois High School Association (IHSA) State Championship Tournament was held in May, 1987 at Mahomet-Seymour High School. It was the inaugural State Championship Tournament in Illinois, sponsored by the IHSA.


The state was divided into 16 areas, termed in Illinois as Sectionals. Each sectional hosted a tournament, the winner of which advanced to the State Tournament. The determination of these geographic boundaries was arbitrarily decided by the IHSA Office.

Tournament Format

Each round was comprised of 40 toss-ups and accompanying bonus questions. The sectional tournaments and State Championship Tournament were all single elimination. Teams were randomly assigned to positions in the bracket without regard for record or performance.

There was no third place match. The top two teams earned trophies and medals for team members, coaches, principals, and activities directors. The trophies were of the design smaller than that of the athletic trophies given out by the IHSA.


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Stillman Valley 321 Charleston 294
Springfield Southeast 447 Woodruff 276
St. Joseph-Ogden 335 Reavis 254
Salem 413 ROWVA 307
Quincy 337 University 279
Downers Grove South 274 Clinton 238
Streator 337 Herrin 264
Niles North 300 Bradley-Bourbonnais 266


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Stillman Valley 378 Springfield Southeast 360
Salem 565 St. Joseph-Ogden 174
Quincy 656 Downers Grove South 274
Niles North 300 Bradley-Bourbonnais 266


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Salem 574 Stillman Valley 326
Quincy 444 Niles North 390


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Quincy 539 Salem 275


  • The 656 points scored by Quincy in the Quarterfinals would remain an all-time IHSA State Championship Tournament record, until Auburn put up 660 in 2012. It should be noted that the 1987 and 88 tournaments used 40/40, while in 2012 it was 30/30.
  • There would not be another team scoring 500 points in a match until 2008, when Wheaton North scored 506 points while beating Sandburg.
  • This was the first of Quincy's three championships; all of which would be won under IHSSBCA Hall of Fame coach Beth Young.
  • As of 2008, only Quincy, Stillman Valley, and University High School would go on to win state championships in their own right. Salem would later win a Masonic State Championship.