1988 IHSA State Championship Tournament

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1988 IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:

Quincy Senior High School


Wheaton Central High School

The 1988 Illinois High School Association (IHSA) State Championship Tournament was held in May, 1988 at Mahomet-Seymour High School. It was the second State Championship Tournament in Illinois, sponsored by the IHSA.


The state was divided into 16 areas, termed in Illinois as Sectionals. Each sectional hosted a tournament, the winner of which advanced to the State Tournament. The determination of these geographic boundaries was arbitrarily decided by the IHSA Office.

Tournament Format

Each round was comprised of 40 toss-ups and accompanying bonus questions. The sectional tournaments and State Championship Tournament were all single elimination. Teams were randomly assigned to positions in the bracket without regard for record or performance.

There was no third place match. The top two teams earned trophies and medals for team members, coaches, principals, and activities directors. The trophies were of the design smaller than that of the athletic trophies given out by the IHSA.


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Farmington 360 Byron 246
Normal Community 383 Andrew 210
Mt. Vernon 261 Aledo 159
Wheaton Central 450 Springfield Southeast 172
Murphysboro 314 Streator 210
Joliet Catholic 395 Charleston 247
Quincy 447 St. Teresa 157
Maine East 357 Carlinville 204


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Farmington 290 Normal Community 262
Wheaton Central 389 Mt. Vernon 247
Joliet Catholic 301 Murphysboro 219
Quincy 415 Maine East 198


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Wheaton Central 295 Farmington 142
Quincy 384 Joliet Catholic 142


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Quincy 261 Wheaton Central 232


  • This was the second of Quincy's three championships; all of which would be won under IHSSBCA Hall of Fame coach Beth Young. They were (obviously) the first team in Illinois to win back-to-back IHSA State Titles.
  • Wheaton Central was closed a few years after this tournament. The IHSA assigned Wheaton Warrenville South as the caretaker of that school's records, and thus inherited the State Runner-Up title.