2002 IHSA State Championship Tournament

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The 2002 Illinois High School Association (IHSA) State Championship Tournaments ended the sixteenth State Championship Series conducted in Scholastic Bowl by the IHSA. It was the eleventh season in which there were separate State Championship Tournaments held for small schools (Class A) and large schools (Class AA). For the sixth year, both tournaments were held at the Peoria Civic Center.


Teams were assigned to one of eight sectionals within each class. Teams were seeded by the coaches, and teams would be assigned to one of four Regionals within each Sectional. Within each Sectional, the winners and runners-up of each single elimination tournament would advance to the single elimination Sectional. The determination of the geographic boundaries of the Sectional was arbitrarily decided by the IHSA Office.

In the State Championship Tournament, teams would be randomly assigned to pools of four, and play a three match round robin. The winners of each pool would advance to the Championship Match, and the runners-up in each pool would advance to play for third place. Ties were broken by head-to-head results or total points scored (in the event of a three way tie)

Tournament Format

Each round was comprised of 30 toss-ups and accompanying bonus questions.

The top four teams earned trophies and medals for team members, coaches, principals, and activities directors. The trophies were of the design smaller than that of the athletic trophies given out by the IHSA.


For the second year, the questions were written by a group of retired coaches and person from other states. Tom Egan served his second year as chief editor.


2002 Class A IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:

The Latin School


Carterville High School

Third Place

University High School (Normal)

Fourth Place

Pleasant Plains High School


The Latin School swept through their pool with a 3-0 record. University High School finished 2-1 and advanced to play for third place.

Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Latin School 166 Stillman Valley 157
University 228 Unity 78
2 Latin School 255 Unity 105
University 210 Stillman Valley 163
3 Latin School 273 University 154
Stillman Valley 275 Unity 120


Carterville advanced with a 3-0 record in the pool. Pleasant Plains, Fairfield, & Cuba were all tied with 1-2 records. Pleasant Plains advanced on total points (378, 322, 334).

Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Pleasant Plains 160 Fairfield 140
Carterville 141 Cuba 97
2 Fairfield 103 Cuba 94
Carterville 152 Pleasant Plains 101
3 Carterville 166 Fairfield 79
Cuba 143 Pleasant Plains 117

Third Place

Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
University 186 Pleasant Plains 106


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Latin School 267 Carterville 76


2002 Class AA IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:

Wheaton North High School


Hinsdale Central High School

Third Place

New Trier High School

Fourth Place

Auburn High School


Homewood-Flossmoor, New Trier, and Wheaton North were all tied with 2-1 records. Wheaton North and New Trier advanced to the championship and third place match, respectively, based on total points (585, 744, 802)

Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Homewood-Flossmoor 185 Wheaton North 179
New Trier 209 Libertyville 207
2 Wheaton North 291 New Trier 206
Homewood-Flossmoor 261 Libertyville 207
3 Wheaton North 332 Libertyville 147
New Trier 329 Homewood-Flossmoor 139


Hinsdale Central advanced with a 3-0 record in the pool. Auburn advanced with the second best record in the pool (2-1).

Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Southeast Springfield 136 Granite City 132
Hinsdale Central 213 Auburn 137
2 Auburn 241 Granite City 130
Hinsdale Central 253 Southeast Springfield 151
3 Hinsdale Central 243 Granite City 138
Auburn 217 Southeast Springfield 103

Third Place

Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
New Trier 267 Auburn 150


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Wheaton North 273 Hinsdale Central 160


  • Eleven years after their first trip, and in their eighth appearance, Wheaton North and their long time coach, Susan Martin finally won their first IHSA State Championship. It would be the first of three in a row, and was the second of five consecutive trips to the State Championship Match.
  • The Latin School's third state title brought them into the elite company with IMSA and Quincy as the only three-time state champions. Latin also broke the tie it had been in with Winnebago as the only two-time champions in Class A.
  • Class AA's Pool #1 was thrown into chaos after one round. With Wheaton North the odds on favorite to win, they were upset by a Homewood-Flossmoor Team starring Parag Bhayani. This easily ranks among the bigger upsets in Tournament history. Entering the final round, the only thing that would save their chance of getting to the finals was a huge win over Libertyville (which they got), and a New Trier win that held down Homewood-Flossmoor's scoring (which New Trier did). In appreciation, the entire Wheaton North team stood and applauded New Trier when they went up to receive their third place awards.
  • This was the first appearance by Auburn. Not only have they not missed the Tournament since; they have not failed to place in the top four.