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Dorman Cavaliers
Roebuck, SC
Coaches Cyrenna Moreno
State Championships NAQT: 2012
National Championships 2003 PACE; 1989 NAC; 1991 NAC; 1991 Panasonic; 2003 ASCN; 2004 ASCN; 2005 ASCN
National Appearances HSNCT: 2001-2018
PACE: 1998, 2000, 2003, 2007-2018
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Paul M. Dorman High School is a public high school in Roebuck, South Carolina. Dorman's program was founded in 1982. Since then, it has been one of the most consistently great high school quizbowl teams in the country, having been a contender at the national level essentially every year since 1983. They run the Dorman Cavalier Academic Challenge every year.

Team Info


  • Lee Holden (2014-present) (alumni '14)
  • Cyrenna Moreno (2012-2013, 2014-Present)
  • Brian Owen (2014-present) (alumni '13)

Former Roster

  • Kyle Quinn
  • Janki Bava
  • Conley Burns
  • Emily Giep
  • Delario Nance
  • Charlie Weaver
  • Andrew Bettencourt
  • Anthony Diaz-Casasola
  • David Hinson
  • Kairi Johnson
  • Kristopher Melton
  • Tyler Miller
  • Carly Rosenburger
  • Richard Schulz
  • Anastasia Vorobyova
  • Lutz Wright


Dorman is the perpetual defending champion of not one but two national tournaments, as both the ASCN TOC and the Stars 2000 had Dorman as the reigning winner when they dissolved.


The A team consisting of Paolo Arce, Nick Clusserath, George Stevens, and Arsalaan Salehani placed 4th at the 2007 HSNCT


The A team consisting of Paolo Arce, Nick Clusserath, George Stevens, and Arsalaan Salehani placed 5th at the 2008 HSNCT while the B team, consisting of Todd Faulkenberry, Freddy Deangelis, Kevin Lybrand, and Kleve Granger, placed 4th.


The A team consisting of Todd Faulkenberry, Freddy DeAngelis, Kevin Lybrand, and Kleve Granger placed 2nd at the 2009 HSNCT.


The A team consisting of Masuma Alimohamed, Mariya Mohammed, Gregory Peacock, and Sydney Sullivan placed 5th at the 2010 HSNCT and 6th at the 2010 NSC.


The A team consisting of Sam Abrams, Saif Alimhomed, Mariya Mohammed, and Tabitha Walker tied for 21st with the B team consisting of Meghan Clusserath, David Koser, Madhav Kumar, Brian Owen, and Robert Lawson at the 2011 HSNCT. The A team placed 9th at the 2011 NSC.


The A team consisting of Meghan Clusserath, Madhav Kumar, Brian Owen, and Tabitha Walker tied for 13th at the 2012 HSNCT and placed 7th at the 2012 NSC.


This year saw an A-team consisting of a returning cast of seniors Meghan Clusserath, Madhav Kumar, Brian Owen, and junior Tabitha Walker, while the B-team included juniors Chase “Big Fudge” Fleming, Lee Holden, and Lane Yates, Asrar Alimohamed, and later, the highly improved sophomore, Himendra Perera. The Dorman A-team won the UVA Cavalier Classic, BISB at Brookwood, CATT at Chattahoochee, Collins Hill, the Rockford Auburn Mirror of Harvard Fall, and the Midwest Championship at Northwestern. Both teams also placed highly at the Spring Championship at the University of Kentucky, the Texas Invitational, and the Wildcat Tournament (including the B-team’s only victory over the A-team all season) at Northwestern University. Also, a team consisting of Lee Holden, Brian Owen, Tabitha Walker, and Lane Yates finished 3rd at the National History Bowl in Washington, D.C.

The 2013 HSNCT in Atlanta, Georgia saw a very strong run by both teams, with the A-team finishing tied for 8th, going 8-2 on Saturday and 3-2 on Sunday. The B-team went 7-3 on Saturday, but followed up with a disappointing Sunday, finishing tied for 33rd after going 8-5. The 2013 NSC at the University of Maryland went better for both squads, with the A team finishing 4th while the B team finished 14th.


Following a 2nd place finish at Ezell Harding, the new A team, consisting of seniors Chase “Big Fudge” Fleming, Lee Holden, Tabitha Walker, and Lane Yates won the Missouri Open mirror at Duke and 2013 ACF Fall South at Georgia Tech (where they achieved an Andrew Hart Grail). At the 2013 Cavalier Classic at UVA, the A team, with Himendra Perera filling in for Chase Fleming, went 12-0 to win the tournament, with 7th and 8th place finishes from the B and C team respectively. At the 2013 VCU Winter Tournament, the A team went undefeated to win the tournament, followed by a 3rd place finish for Dorman B, and strong performances by the C and D teams. The A team won the CATT IX tournament, with the B team getting 3rd. The A team, with Shub Mehta filling in for Tabitha Walker, got second at the Bulldog Brawl after a comeback victory in the second half by Chattahoochee. The B team won third and the C team won fifth. The Dorman JV A team, consisting of Zainab Dossaji, Shub Mehta, Danielle Michaud, and Alex Wood, won the Brookwood JV tournament. Dorman A hit some bumps in the road, playing well but erratically at Texas Invitational and then dropping some games at Prison Bowl. However, they bounced back by winning Jag Bowl VIII. The next week, Dorman A, B, and C took first, second, and third place respectively at the Collins Hill Season Ender.

The A team went to the National History Bee and Bowl in Arlington, Virginia, where they tied for fifth in the Bowl. Tabitha Walker and Lee Holden got to the semifinals and quarterfinals respectively in the Bee. At the 2014 NSC the Dorman A team went 13-6 for an 11th place finish, while the B team (Kapasi, Mehta, Peacock, Perera, Upton) went 8-7 to finish 39th. At the 2014 HSNCT Dorman A went 9-1 on Saturday and 3-2 on Sunday to go 12-3 to finish tied for 8th, while Dorman B (Dossaji, Kapasi, Mehta, Michaud, Peacock, Perera, Upton) went 6-4 on Saturday and 2-1 on Sunday to go 8-5 to finish tied for 34th.


Dorman A (Cooper, Michaud, Mehta, Wood) placed 53rd at the 2015 HSNCT and 50th at the 2015 NSC.


In their first tournament of the year, Dorman A, returning their entire roster, placed second at the 2015 Glasgow Scottie Invitational. At the tournament, Dorman became the first team to achieve a grail in competition that season.

Dorman A (Cooper, Michaud, Mehta, Wood) placed 34th at the 2016 HSNCT and 19th at the 2016 NSC. The B Team (Krawczyk, Parks, Pudi, Richey, Tomko) placed 143rd and 69th respectively.


Dorman A was ranked 7th nationally in Fred Morlan's pre-season rankings. On August 27, the A team (Cooper, Mehta, Parks, Richey) won the 2016 Glasgow Scottie Invitational against a strong field that included three other top-15 teams. On September 17, the A team tied for 3rd at the Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament. Dorman A finished tied for 9th at the 2017 HSNCT and finished 16th at the 2017 NSC.

Head Coaches

Jan Francis (1982-1988)

Jim Garrick (1988-2001)

Eric Huff (2001-2004, 2005-2012)

Becky Rank (2004-2005)

Geoffrey Thomas (2012-2016)

Cyrenna Moreno (2016-Present)

Former "A" Teams

2018-2019: Emily Giep ('20), Delario Nance ('20), Kyle Quinn ('19), Charlie Weaver ('20)

2017-2018: Delario Nance ('20), Chandler Parks ('18), Kyle Quinn ('19), William Richey ('18)

2016-2017: Lex Cooper ('17), Shub Mehta ('17), Chandler Parks ('18), William Richey ('18)

2015-2016: Lex Cooper ('17), Shub Mehta ('17), Danielle Michaud ('16), Alex Wood ('16)

2014-2015: Lex Cooper ('17), Shub Mehta ('17), Danielle Michaud ('16), Alex Wood ('16)

2014: Alia Kapasi ('15), Shub Mehta ('17), Himendra Perera ('15), Weston Upton ('15)

2013-2014: Chase "Big Fudge" Fleming ('14), Lee Holden ('14), Tabitha Walker ('14), Lane Yates ('14)

2012-2013: Meghan Clusserath ('13), Madhav Kumar ('13), Brian Owen ('13), Tabitha Walker ('14)

2011-2012: Meghan Clusserath ('13), Madhav Kumar ('13), Robert Lawson ('12), Brian Owen ('13), Tabitha Walker ('14)

2010-2011: Sam Abrams ('11), Saif Alimohamed ('11), Robert Lawson ('12), Mariya Mohammed ('11), Tabitha Walker ('14)

2009-2010: Masuma Alimohamed ('10), Mariya Mohammed ('11), Gregory Peacock ('10), Sydney Sullivan ('11)

2008-2009: Freddy Deangelis ('09), Todd Faulkenberry ('09), Kleve Granger ('09), Kevin Lybrand ('09)

2007-2008: Paolo Arce ('08), Nick Clusserath ('08), Arsalaan Salehani ('08), George Stevens ('08)

2006-2007: Paolo Arce ('08), Nick Clusserath ('08), Mark Hahnenberg ('07), Arsalaan Salehani ('08)

2005-2006: Amber Chandarana ('06), Manan Gupta ('06), Jordan Lawrence ('06), George Stevens ('08), Brad Williams ('06)

2004-2005: Josh Arwood ('05), Shawn Campbell ('05), Ben Loftis ('05), Malcolm Neave ('05)

2003-2004: Cale Bonner ('04), Malcolm Neave ('05), Shelley Price ('04), Jonathan Ross ('04)

2002-2003: Cale Bonner ('04), Adam Herring ('03), Jason Kopp ('03), Terrill Wilkins ('03)

2001-2002: Steven Byrd ('02), Adam Herring ('03), Jason Kopp ('03), Terrill Wilkins ('03)

2000-2001: April Barnardo ('01) Julie Cook ('01), Adam Herring ('03), Chris Shipman ('01), Kyle Strickland ('01), Terrill Wilkins ('03)

1999-2000: Salman Ali ('00), LuElla Putnam ('00), TJ Rich ('00), Geoffrey Thomas ('00)

1998-1999: Fayaz Kabani ('99), Kathleen Page ('99), TJ Rich ('00), Geoffrey Thomas ('00)

1997-1998: Faiyaz Dossaji ('98), David Drake ('98), Brian Fellner ('98), Andrew Hughes ('98), Kathleen Page ('99), Mehul Patel ('98), Katie Taylor ('98)

1996-1997: Faiyaz Dossaji ('98), Mehul Patel ('98), Chris Stiles ('97), Katie Taylor ('98)

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Panasonic Academic Challenge Champion
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