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VCU Open is an annual summer open tournament hosted and written by VCU and its affiliates, including Matt Weiner.


The tournament was held in March as a fundraising venture for VCU's trip to the ICT. It mirrored the very easy Illinois Novice set in order to attract more ordinary college teams and even high school teams.


The tournament moved to the summer to signal its true open difficulty level. It was written by Matt Weiner with science by Billy Beyer. The tournament was paused during Round 9 so Mike Bentley could run Gunpei Yokoi, allowing for the last playoff round's writing to be finished.


The difficulty of VCU Open was toned down somewhat, and it involved some semi-impromptu packet submissions due to fears that the set would not be otherwise completed.


VCU Open 2010 was expanded to two sets and co-written by Michigan and UCSD. The largest writing portion, and the overall editing, came from VCU's Evan Adams. The Saturday portion of VCU Open had a difficulty level between ACF Regionals and ACF Nationals while the more beginner-friendly Sunday portion had a difficulty level between PACE NSC and ACF Regionals. Everyone played both sets regardless, and much fun was had by all.


VCU Open 2011 consisted of an academic tournament, on Saturday, and a trash tournament, on Sunday, both hosted at Maryland. The academic tournament was written by Evan Adams (all non-science except social science and philosophy tossups), Cody Voight (all science) and Matt Weiner (social science and philosophy tossups) and the trash tournament was written by Mike Cheyne and George Berry. It was the subject of a notoriously terrible tournament discussion.


Due to a late start in writing and the prospects of acquiring rooms at VCU looking dim, the tournament was not held in 2012.


VCU Open 2013 was written by Cody Voight (science, music, film, geography), Matt Weiner (non-American literature, religion, philosophy, social science), Daniel Hothem (all history), and George Berry (painting, non-film misc. arts, trash, current events), with freelance contributions from Auroni Gupta (American literature, other mythology) and Sarah Angelo (Greco-Roman mythology).


VCU Open 2014 was written by Matt Weiner, Mike Bentley, Sinan Ulusoy, Shan Kothari, Dan Puma, and Jordan Brownstein. It was somewhat coolly received, in part because many of the questions were written the night before the tournament.


VCU Open 2015 was written by Will Nediger, Cody Voight, Evan Adams, Kenji Golimlim, Matt Bollinger, and Akhil Garg. It was the final edition of the question set thusfar.


VCU stepped in to host a summer tournament weekend containing a NASAT mirror and several side events following the last-minute cancellation of Virginia's announced tournament weekend.


VCU hosted an all-side event summer weekend.


VCU hosted another all-side event summer weekend.