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Competition season 2011-12
School(s) UCSD, Yale
Head editor(s) Auroni Gupta, Matt Jackson, and John Lawrence
Difficulty College regular
First mirror October 15, 2011
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MAGNI was a regular-difficulty, non-packet-submission tournament written for use in October 2011.

The project was a 14-packet collaboration between UCSD (Auroni Gupta, Chris Chiego, Vicky Hwang, Rohan Mehta, Peicong Dong, Andrew Honda), Yale (Matt Jackson, John Lawrence, Kevin Koai) and Jerry Vinokurov. Named as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the lack of a successor to THUNDER II, MAGNI was written with the intention of being appropriate for teams at all levels and enforced a strict length limit of seven lines on all tossups. Though the set was largely well-received among the 104 teams that played it at ten sites, major critiques of the set included a reticence with pronouns that confused players, frequent grammatical errors, and hard bonus parts that were systematically very hard [1].


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Florida Valencia October 15, 2011 Billy Beyer Florida Chipola A Dallin Kelson Stats
Southeast South Carolina October 15, 2011 Eric Douglass Georgia Tech South Carolina A Will Butler Stats
Mid-Atlantic George Mason October 22, 2011 Ben Cole Virginia A Maryland A Eric Mukherjee Stats
Midwest Ohio State October 22, 2011 Andy Sekerak Michigan A Chicago A Trevor Davis Stats
North Carleton College October 22, 2011 Max Henkel Minnesota A Minnesota D Andrew Hart Stats
Canada McMaster October 29, 2011 Alexander Poon McMaster Case Western Jordan Palmer Stats
Lower Midwest Missouri S&T October 29, 2011 Alex Smith Illinois A WUSTL Ike Jose Stats
Lower South Rice October 29, 2011 Zach Yeung Rice A Seven Lakes Henry Gorman Stats
Northeast Brown October 29, 2011 Ian Eppler Harvard A Columbia A Neil Gurram Stats
West UCSD October 29, 2011 Auroni Gupta UCI UCSD Dwight Wynne Stats

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