Stephen Eltinge

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Stephen Eltinge
Noted Subjects:
Physics, Chemistry, Other Science, History, Current Events, Generalist
Current Collegiate Team Yale (2015-present)
Past Collegiate Teams MIT (2011-2015)
High School Team Thomas Jefferson (VA) (2008-2011)
Middle School Team None

Stephen Eltinge ("EL-ting") is a player at Yale and alumnus of MIT and Thomas Jefferson (VA). He was dubbed a "tresure" by Andrew Wang.

Stephen's deep science, history, current events, trash, and geography knowledge made him the second scorer on the Yale team that won the 2019 ICT, coming on the heels of a strong performance on the title-winning squad at the 2018 ICT.

Widely regarded as one of the best active physics players, writers, and editors, Stephen's achievements include writing/editing for Fall Novice Tournament II, OLEFIN, the 2013 NSC, 2015's George Oppen, 2016's MYSTERIUM, the 2017 SCT, and 2018 ACF Regionals.

He is also well-known for his outreach work in building the Massachusetts high school quizbowl circuit; his directorship of the first annual MIT Fall Tournament included reaching out to many high schools in the Boston area that were completely new to quizbowl to build a 28-team field.

Stephen served as the Vice President of Technology of PACE from 2013-2015, and as the Communications Officer of ACF from 2014-2017.