Stephen Liu

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Stephen Liu
Noted Subjects:
Poetry, European Myth, European History, and Visual Arts
Current Collegiate Team Stanford (2014-2017)
Past Collegiate Teams Harvard (2010-2014)
High School Team Torrey Pines (2008-2010)
Middle School Team None

Stephen Liu is former Stanford and Harvard player. He attended Torrey Pines high school,where he led his team to a T-7th at the 2010 HSNCT, where he was the fourth individual scorer, and was third leading scorer at the 2010 PACE NSC. Stephen has also led Harvard to a fifth-place finish at 2014 ACF Nationals, and Stanford to top-5 finishes at each national tournament from 2014-2016. His highest Chicago Open finish was a tie for second in 2013, when he played alongside Jonathan Magin, Evan Adams, and Billy Busse.

He is also well-known for his dominance at Mike Bentley's Eyes That Do Not See, regularly achieving the highest number of powers relative to any field (and usually outpacing the field in powers by a wide margin, with the exception of the 2015 event).

Writing History

Stephen has written for a number of tournaments, including:

The 2015 CO Visual Arts set, featuring Doug Graebner, Nathan Weiser, and Benji Nguyen as guest writers, was widely hailed as one of the best side events of all time.