2015 ACF Regionals

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ACF Regionals 2015 was held on the weekend of January 24, 2015, at nine regional sites throughout the United States and Canada. This tournament was head-edited by Matt Jackson, with assistance from Sarah Angelo, Tommy Casalaspi, Trevor Davis, Stephen Liu, and Sriram Pendyala. This was the first year in which ACF Regionals was used as a qualifier for ACF Nationals.


Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
California Stanford Austin Brownlow UCSD Stanford B Auroni Gupta Placement All
Southeast Vanderbilt Rohan Nag Vanderbilt Georgia A Kai Smith Combined
South Rice Amanda Pinchbeck Texas A&M A LASA Jake Sundberg and Carlo De Guzman Final
Ohio/Michigan Michigan State Adam Greene Michigan A DCC A Will Nediger Combined
Great Lakes Northern Illinois Kristin Strey Chicago A WUSTL Dylan Minarik Complete
Canada/Niagara McMaster Leslie Newcombe Ottawa McGill Derek So All
Mid-Atlantic Virginia Joshua Duncan Maryland A Virginia Matt Bollinger Combined
Northeast Harvard Raynor Kuang MIT A Yale A Will Alston Final
Florida Florida Taylor Harvey UCF A UF J McKinnie Sizemore Overall

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