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Missouri Open is a name given to three distinct tournaments, each at least somewhat affiliated with the University of Missouri.

Summer 2009

2009 Missouri Open
Competition season Summer 2009
School(s) Missouri
Head editor(s) Charlie Dees, Shantanu Jha, Auroni Gupta
Difficulty Nationals-
First mirror June 6, 2009
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The first Missouri Open was held on June 6, 2009 at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. It was a high-difficulty packet submission event edited by Charlie Dees, Shantanu Jha, and Auroni Gupta [1]. Only three teams came to the main event, for which stats are not available, but there were larger mirrors on the same day at Maryland and Valencia.

A 2010 edition of similar difficulty was meant to occur via a mirror of Sun N' Fun XI [2] but was canceled because Charlie Dees was unable to be in Columbia the day of the tournament.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Main site Missouri June 6, 2009 Charlie Dees Matt Weiner et al. Unknown Unknown Not available
Florida Valencia June 6, 2009 Chris Borglum Florida State Chris Borglum et al. Unknown Stats
Mid-Atlantic Maryland June 6, 2009 Chris Ray Eric Mukherjee, Ted Gioia, Dallas Simons, Dan Puma Jerry Vinokurov, Chris Ray, Aaron Rosenberg, and SteveJon Guth Jonathan Magin Stats

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Summer 2013

2013 Missouri Open
Competition season Summer 2013
School(s) Missouri
Head editor(s) Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
Difficulty College easy
First mirror July 6, 2013
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The second tournament called Missouri Open, a distinct event, was a non-packet-submission, ACF Fall-difficulty tournament written and edited by Itamar Naveh-Benjamin for use on July 6, 2013 [3]. It was mirrored on the same day at Virginia Tech, and at five other locations at later dates.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Mid-Atlantic Virginia Tech July 6, 2013 Mike Hundley Jedi Knights Who Say Ni (Venu Katta, Cody Voight, Nate Boughner, and Evan Adams) Get This... Cheated... Mmmm (Matt Weiner) Matt Weiner Stats
Midwest Missouri July 6, 2013 Itamar Naveh-Benjamin Shady South Side (Ben Zhang, Jared Lockwood, Michael Menkus, and Kyle Hill) Remembrance of Things Past (Adam Sperber, Charlie Fritz, Ikshu Neithalath, and Pari Jafari) Charles Hang Stats
Canada Waterloo July 13, 2013 Junlan Li McGill Three-way tie Jay Misuk Stats
Florida Valencia July 13, 2013 Chris Borglum Billy Is Go! (Billy Beyer) Borgopomp (Chris Borglum) Paul Kelson Stats
Northwest Washington August 10, 2013 Mike Bentley Achelous and Hercules (Will Butler, Colin McNamara, and Eddie) Cut the Line (Mike Bentley, Joelle Smart, Carolyn Woods, and Evan Mann) Will Butler Stats
Northeast Penn State September 28, 2013 John Slimak Michigan A Michigan B Siddhant Dogra Stats
Southeast Duke October 26, 2013 Ian Drayer Dorman North Carolina A John Stathis Stats

Fall 2015

2015 Missouri Open
Competition season 2015-16
Head editor(s) Will Alston and Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
Difficulty College regular
First mirror October 25, 2015
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The third tournament called Missouri Open was a regular difficulty tournament with NAQT-length questions written by Will Alston, Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, Shan Kothari, Ewan Macaulay, and Rohith Nagari in fall 2015. It was mirrored at several sites across the country.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
West UCSD October 25, 2015 Jason Cheng UCSD A Free agents (Hidehiro Anto, Steven Katz, and Oishee Shemontee) Hidehiro Anto Stats
Lower Midwest Missouri October 31, 2015 Itamar Naveh-Benjamin WUSTL Illinois A Caleb Kendrick Stats
Mid-Atlantic VCU November 14, 2015 Cody Voight Maryland A Not An Intellectual Space (Evan Adams, Tejas Raje, Marshall Steinbaum, and Chris Manners) Jordan Brownstein Stats
North Minnesota November 14, 2015 Shan Kothari The Dickson Poon School of Law (Carsten Gehring, Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, and Will Ladner) A Pronunciation Guide for "qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqqq" (Trevor Davis, Foster Hughes, Andrew Nadig, and Brian Weikle) Rob Carson Stats
Northeast Brown November 14, 2015 Rohith Nagari Yale A Columbia A Eric Mukherjee Stats
Canada McMaster November 21, 2015 Peter Cordeiro #NoLivesMatter (Rein Otsason, Faheem Pahlwan, and Aayush Rajasekaran) The Schliemann Plan (Jay Misuk, Cole Jackes, Daniel Lovsted, and Luka Obrovac) Jay Misuk Stats
Midwest Michigan State November 21, 2015 Brian Hanley Michigan Ryan Westbrook, Jason Thompson, Ike Jose, and Matt Lafer Kurtis Droge Stats
South Tulane November 21, 2015 Nick Cummins Billy Beyer's Marshall Plan (Billy Beyer and Kevin Marshall) Run DMC ft. The Tuscaloosa Tortfeasor (Dargan Ware, Jake Sundberg, Dominic Lloyd, and Thomas Credeur) Billy Beyer Stats
Southwest Texas A&M November 21, 2015 Will Linz Texas A Rice Gautam Kandlikar Stats
United Kingdom Cambridge November 21, 2015 Evan Lynch Oxford A Broken Hearts (Ian Bayley, Mark Grant, Sean Carey, and Olav Bjortomt) Joey Goldman Stats
West Berkeley December 5, 2015 Nicholas Karas Stanford A Tie: Mike Bentley et al. and Stanford B Jeff Hoppes Stats
Illinois (High School) New Trier Varsity Über-Competitive Division December 19, 2015 David Reinstein Hinsdale Central Barrington Cole Timmerwilke Stats