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The Chicago Open Literature Tournament is an all-literature tournament played as a side event at the University of Chicago on the same weekend as Chicago Open.

2007 Edition

The tournament was written by Jonathan Magin, Dave Letzler, Dennis Jang, Chris Borglum, Ahmad Ragab, and Phil Durkos, and edited by Jonathan Magin. It featured 13 rounds of 20 tossups, and resulted in a team of Mike Sorice and Jerry Vinokurov defeating a team of Selene Koo and Seth Teitler in the finals. Though intended to be a singles event, a shortage of moderators forced it to be played as a doubles tournament. It was widely praised for being the most well-written event at that year's Chicago Open.

2008 Edition

The 2008 edition of the CO Lit tournament was written by Jonathan Magin, Dave Letzler, Dennis Jang, Ahmad Ragab, Eric Mukherjee, and Shantanu Jha. A team of Andrew Yaphe and Mike Sorice went undefeated to win the title. Andrew Yaphe was also the top scorer, with an impressive statline of 55-66-22.

2009 Edition

The 2009 edition of the CO Lit tournament was produced by Matt Weiner, with the assistance of Dave Letzler, Trygve Meade, Rob Carson, Gautam Kandlikar, Jack Glerum, and Shantanu Jha. [1] The tournament was won by Jonathan Magin and Joe Hansen. [2] Though the tournament was criticized for only guaranteeing six games but costing twenty dollars to play, it was well received overall. [3]

2010 Edition

The 2010 edition of the CO Lit tournament was produced by Ike Jose and Shantanu Jha, with help from Ted Gioia. Though the tournament contained fifteen rounds, a scheduling mixup by Trygve Meade's team and the early departure of Jonathan Magin and Matt Weiner's teams resulted in only six rounds being played before the tournament ended early. The remaining rounds of the tournament were played at various mirrors of VCU Open. [4][5]

2012 Edition

The 2012 edition was written by Will Nediger and was titled WELD (Wildly Experimental Literature Doubles). Due to the late start on Sunday, many strong literature players, such as Jonathan Magin and Matt Bollinger had to leave part-way through. Aside from losing to Magin (playing solo) on a tiebreaker question, the team of John Lawrence and Kevin Koai managed to go undefeated, winning a final against Rob Carson and Mike Cheyne. [Prelims] [Playoffs & Finals]

2014 Edition

The 2014 edition was guerilla, singles tournament, appropriately titled Gorilla Literature Singles. The brainchild of Tommy Casalaspi, Matt Bollinger, and Evan Adams, this tournament featured a seeding packet by Tanay Kothari and Marshall Steinbaum with Jacob Reed, who served as redactor. Playoff packets were by Jerry Vinokurov, Evan Adams, Auroni Gupta, Rob Carson, Tommy Casalaspi, Matt Bollinger, John Lawrence, and Will Nediger. It ran on a complicated format in which only scores in the top room counted towards the final score for finalists, and players vied to remain in the top room by not being the lowest scorer in the room. John Lawrence emerged as the winner. [Stats]

2015 Edition

The 2015 edition was entitled RILKE and head-edited by John Lawrence.

The event did not occur at 2011 Chicago Open or at 2013 Chicago Open.

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